Chloe Bags: The ultimate guide to the brand, best sellers & save 15%

Chloe Bags The ultimate guide to the brand, best sellers & save 15%

Chloe Bags: The ultimate guide

Hello friends! Today I want to share a little information about Chloe bags and See by Chloe bags. These are bags I often get asked about and today I thought I would have a good chat all about the brand and their best selling bags. I also thought I would chat about how to care for and clean chloe bags and chat about what the difference between chloe and see by chloe is. Plus answer the all important question… are See by Chloe bags worth the money?! Let’s go!

About See By Chloe

See by Chloe was formed in the early 2000’s by the legendary Phoebe Philo. She gave the Chloe brand her iconic minimalist, chic, French girl, laid back, effortless, smart style that it’s know for today. See by Chloe is the little sister brand which is slightly cheaper, easier to buy into and catered towards a younger lady. A lot of See by Chloe bags take inspiration from the iconic Chloe bags.

How to care for, store and clean See By Chloé bags?

See by Chloe bags tend to be pretty easy to care for, but here are my personal golden rules:

  • Don’t wear your bag in the rain and if you are caught in the rain, wipe it dry with a soft clean, dye free cloth or towel and allow to dry in a warm room. Do not put on a radiator or in an airing cupboard
  • Don’t overstuff the bag, this can put extra strain on the leather and straps and decrease the life span of the bag and misshape the bag
  • If you are travelling to a humid country, consider leaving your favourite handbags at home. Hot humid countries can be bag for handbags and tarnish the hardware. This rule also applies to your favourite costume jewellery too.
  • Store your bag carefully. Take out all your contents, tap out any dust and wipe clean if it is dirty. Allow to dry and then put it in it’s dust bag, lightly stuff the inside with tissue and leave it stood upright
  • If you bag is white, off-white or a pale colour like blush pink or camel, avoid wearing it with denim. Especially dark denim as you could suffer from colour transfer
  • Avoid using a biro pen near the bag. Biro ink is the hardest to remove.

To clean your Chloe bag, use a dry, clean cloth that is soft, non-abrasive, and clean to wipe off your leather accessories. If there are any stains, dab the area with a soft, damp towel and let it air dry. And if this doesn’t shift the mark, apply a transparent leather cream by gently circling the affected area. If you want more information on cleaning and caring for your bag, consider having it professionally spa’ed.

What is the difference between See by Chloé and Chloé?

See By Chloé is the sister brand to the renowned French design firm and was introduced in 2001 by Pheobe Philo. See by Chloé offers more possibilities with daily styles while maintaining an ultra-feminine appeal for a younger age group. The See by Chloé bags are high-end, luxurious bags with a slightly bohemian flair that are primarily created in Italy.

Where are See By Chloé bags made? 

All See by Chloe bags are made in Europe; generally in France, Italy and Spain, but they do occasionally produce them in other countries in Europe. If you see a Chloe bag made in China, that is not authentic.

What are the most popular See By Chloe bags?

Joan Mini Camera Bag: This modern camera bag shape is made of rough cowhide leather and is a signature See By Chloé design. The distinctive braided O-ring with a tonal tassel, containing an engraved branding plaque and rose-gold tone key, is a feature of this opulent design with lovely craftsmanship. This all-purpose crossbody number is perfect for pretty much every occasion! 

Hana Small Cross Body Bag: The See by Chloe hana bag is like the upgrade handbag of the Joan Mini Camera bag! It is slightly bigger and more of a saddle bag. It’s super chic and features the iconic Chloe ring. Stunning! 

Mini Joan Cross Body Bag: This bag reminds me so much of the Chloe Faye bag, which is why it’s one of the most-loved bags from the See by Chloe range. It can be worn as a long shoulder bag or as a short shoulder bag, thanks to it’s double strap. Again, it features the iconic Chloe ring and a little fringing. This bag has it all! 

Tilda Mini Cross Body Bag: The Tilda bag is super cute and has more of a rock n roll vibe than the rest of the see by chloe bags. This is sharp, cool and still very cute. 

Mara Suede Leather Cross Body Bag: Where as the Joan bag is more of a casual boho soft bag, the Mara is a little more formal and structured. Again, it’s a saddlebag flap style bag and it features more of a clean, modern ring. Beautiful. 

What can you fit in a See By Chloé bag? 

Most See by Chloe bags are on the smaller size, so these bags are not for those who love a big tote bag for everything-but-the-kitchen sink. Generally the fit in the minimum items, but some styles like the Joan bag fits in a tiny bit more. But expect to squeeze inside:

  • phone
  • card holder purse
  • lipstick & small amount of make up
  • airpods / small in ear headphones
  • small phone charger and cable

Are See by Chloe bags worth the money?

Yes! See by Chloe bags are worth the money! They are an affordable luxury bag brand, much like Coach, Kate Spade and Furla. They share a lot of design similarities with the Chloe bags, but cost a fraction of the price. The bags are wonderful quality, timeless and really easy to style.

Do See by Chloe bags go on sale?

YES! See by Chloe bags do go on sale and you can often find them at a great price, but personally, I would recommend buying a past season See by Chloe bag at as you can buy them on sale out of sale seasons and you know they are authentic from the outnet. Check their selection here.

Save 15% on See by Chloe bags

As well as buying your See by chloe bag via the outnet, you can always buy your bag from my bag and get 15% off if you are a new customer, by using the code NEWMB. Thank me later!

Is Chloé a high end brand?

Yes, Chloe is a high end brand, similar to Prada, Loewe or Bottega Veneta. See by Chloe is more of an affordable luxury brand like Coach, Kate Spade and Philip Lim.

See by Chloe bags: Pros & Cons

Pros: More affordable than chloe, wearable styles, casual, great quality, good resale value

Cons: Smaller style bags, generally not office friendly

Go Shopping!

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