Check out these Issey Miyake Bao bao bag dupes!

bao bao bag dupe

Check out these Issey Miyake Bao bao bag dupes!

Hello friends! Today I want to share some Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag dupes I thought you might like! I’ve loved the Bao Bao bag for years, but never managed to ‘pull the trigger’… however when I found these dupes I started to feel very tempted. Unlike most dupes, there are a lot of really cool options to choose from; lots of shapes, sizes, geometric designs and colours. 

I’ve found some of the coolest Bao Bao dupes and all of which are amazing prices, There’s a clutch with a chain, which is perfect for nights out and a selection of tote bags to choose from. All of which are suspiciously like the original. 

Why do people love the Bao Bao bag? 

The Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag is so popular because it’s the ultimate post-modern handbag. It’s slick, modern, timeless and despite the fact it’s been around for years, it still feels modern and fresh. It’s truly timeless! It has echoes of 1960’s space-race futuristic design, as well as 1980’s synth-pop vibes and of course, 1990’s minimalism too. It’s iconic, classic and super cool. 

The Bao Bao bag is a brilliant bag because it’s a handy tote bag you can put everything you need inside, plus it scrunches up small if you are going on holiday and it’s a really lightweight bag so it never weighs you down. If you love bags like the Longchamp Le Pliage bag for it’s practicality, size and lightness, then you might love the Bao Bao, only this bag is fresher, more fantastic and more exciting. It makes even the most simple of outfits POP! 

What is Bao Bao bag made of?

The Bao Bao is made of a mesh fabric layered with small triangles of polyvinyl. When you put items inside it reshapes and reflects light to make it always look different and exciting. Unlike most bags, it’s better when it bulges!

Is the Bao Bao bag worth it?

Yes, if you can afford the Bao Bao bag, it’s a real fashion investment. It’s a really cool handbag which is an iconic design which always looks modern and fresh, It’s also a great bag for vegan fashion gals. Compared to other brands, it’s also really affordable, plus it’s lightweight which is rare for a designer bag. 

Pros & cons:

Pros: Lightweight, lots of colour and design options, larger sized bag, more affordable than other designer bags, great for travel

Cons: Specific design not for everyones style

Issey Miyake Bao bao bag dupes

Whilst I’m sure we would all love an authentic Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag, for some of us, it’s just not in the budget right now. 

How to style the Bao bag bag

The Bao Bao bag is admittedly not the most versatile handbag out there. I always think of it as being fantastic, if you have the right look. Personally, I think if you are a floral midi dress kinda gal who loves a floral smock dress and cute trinket necklaces, this bag might not be for you. Sorry, but try a Chloe bag instead!!! But if you love to invest in the perfect cut jeans and a good white shirt and black jumper, then you will love the bao bao. This bag really pimps up a classic outfit and gives it a cool, modern, artsy twist. 

If you like to dress a little more avant gard, then again, the Bao Bao is for you. It looks super cool on artist types, think oversized clothing and a love of Comme des Garcons. It’s the handbag which finishes your look and *chefs kiss!* 

Finally, if you love really smart tailored classics with a pop of colour, then a Bao Bao bag in a strong colour or white can look bloody brilliant! Think tailored red trousers with simple loafers, a white shirt and a bright blazer and boom. You have a look! The Bao Bao is all about shapes, proportions and modern style. 

Go Shopping! 

Thank you for reading my Issey Miyake Bao bao bag dupes post. I hope it’s of help and interest to you! Please let me know if you have any questions. Also this post contains affiliate links.