kate spade Bag Review: honest thoughts as a handbag collector

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag

Kate Spade Bag Review!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would stop by and do a big ol’ blog post all about the Kate Spade Dome Cross Body Bag. I realised a few weeks ago I haven’t bought any clothes during lockdown and actually, the one dress I bought just before lockdown, I sent back because I would have no place to wear it. Fast forward four months and I looked in my wardrobe and realised it needed a serious REFRESH! Which is why I hit the internet to buy some new clothes and bags to make me look a little less lockdown-y and also encourage me to leave the house a little more! Anyway, today I thought we would do a kate spade bag review! I spotted in on the John Lewis website and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it… Let’s chat!

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Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag

My Kate Spade Story…

Kate Spade are a New York brand and they were more of a name I had heard of, rather than knew visually. I actually thought they did a lot of black, because I always remember the scene in SATC when Charlotte has a Kate Spade purse which wasn’t big enough to carry tampons. Considering Charlotte back then worked in a gallery and was kinda preppy and the bag was black, I put two and two together and got… well… not four! And then I discovered their multicoloured amazing store in Covent Garden and I fell in love with their brightly coloured boxes, their books, homewares, handbags and more. There’s SO much to love about Kate Spade, especially if you love colour like I do! I’m so excited to get into this Kate spade bag review with you!

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag


In my keenness to own this bag I made a serious boo-boo! I bought it from John Lewis, which meant I didn’t get one of the iconic purple and red boxes, nor a dust bag. Instead, it came in a very secure and safe card, tissue, plastic bag style packaging. It’s good for the post and saves space on my shelf, but I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE the kate spade boxes and all the lovely packaging. So I kinda did myself a disservice by buying it not directly at kate spade. If you don’t want or need the box, then buy it from wherever, but if you love the fancy boxes like I do, then please be aware you only get that if you buy directly from kate spade. Sometimes a Kate spade bag review is about the packaging, and not just the bag! But these things are important, and they also help retain the resale value.

cherry print dome handbag

Ways To Wear

This Kate Spade Dome Cross Body Bag has an adjustable strap so it can be worn as a cross body bag or as a shoulder bag. Personally I think it’s best as a cross body bag, especially in colder months, but it’s nice to have the option of a shoulder bag which I think looks really cute in the summer. Maybe it’s because I have bigger boobs, but I find a cross body bag is more flattering with a coat rather than a summer dress. So it’s nice the have the option of both a cross body and a shoulder bag. The strap is not removable so it can’t be used as a clutch bag and it would probably be the wrong shape for this as well.

cherry print dome bag handbag


I LOVE the design of this bag! I was instantly drawn to the amazing multicoloured cherry print, which is quite frankly, adorable! The hardware is gold, the strap is part chain part coated canvas and the branding is subtle but ‘there’. This dome bag silhouette is cute and simple, which means it really lends itself to a fancy AF print like this. There is a front slip pocket, which you wouldn’t know was there unless you owned the bag, but this is really handy for slipping your headphones, oyster card or bank card in. The main part of the bag opens with a zip which is nice and secure and whilst it’s small, it can fit a half decent amount inside for such a small bag. It’s also really comfortable to wear, as it has a non-chain strap and it’s relatively lightweight. This bag is super cute, but let’s be honest, it’s ALL about the print. Personally, I wouldn’t be drawn to this bag in a block colour or black, but as a print bag, it’s adorable!

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag

Kate Spade Quality Review

So, let’s chat quality! Because as beautiful as a bag might look, if the quality isn’t good… it’s just not the same. I personally love the quality to be beautiful and the finish to be flawless. Let’s be honest, when you are spending potentially hundreds of pounds on a bag, it needs to feel and look like quality. Thankfully, this bag nails it! The stitching is flawless, the hardware is shiny and perfect and the overall appearance and finish is lovely. The bag is made of coated canvas rather than leather, but if coated canvas is good enough for LV, it’s good enough for me! But seriously, the coated canvas looks and feels really nice and high quality. As for the lining, that’s a pale, slightly shiny, branded cloth. The pale colour makes it easier to see what’s inside your bag, but it can also stain easily with pens and messy make up. But rest assured, this Kate Spade bag is great quality, especially for the price! The only quality drawback is the fact that there are no base studs, which would have been really nice, but since the coated canvas is nice and sturdy and hardwaring, I’m not too worried about this.

cherry print dome handbag


I paid £149 for my Kate Spade Dome Cross Body Bag. This is the full retail price, which I as happy to pay as I didn’t think it would be a style which I would find on sale. Personally, I think this is a reasonable price to pay for a ‘good’ brand like kate spade and it’s a really fun and cute design which I knew I could only get this season. If it had been in a standard black or blush pink, I wouldn’t have felt the same urgency to snap it up as fast as I did because I’m sure those kinds of colours will be repeated every year, where as this cherry print is just for this season.

Is Kate Spade bags real leather?

Yes, many kate spade bags are made of real leather, but Dome Crossbody bag is not. The best way to find out, is check the label if you are in store, or check the website details and it will tell you. This bag is made of coated canvas and it is lovely quality and a brilliant hard-wearing great looking bag.

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag

Is Kate Spade A Good Brand?

Kate spade are a designer brand and a good brand. They aren’t as luxury as other brands, but they sit above the high street and below the top designers. They are on the save level as brands like Coach, Furla and Vivienne Westwood. However, the kate spade brand is different to every other brand because it’s cuter, more colourful and it’s for a certain type of girl (and woman) who likes a more playful style. The kate spade girl loves colour, print and whimsy, think Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry and Mindy Kaling.

Base of cherry print dome handbag rainbow

Are Kate Spade Bags Worth The Money?

In my opinion, kate spade bags are totally worth the money. I have a few bags from the brand and I really love them for their cute designs, great quality and uniqueness. They are wearable and practical, but also cute as hell! In my opinion, Kate spade bags are worth the money; Sure, they are a bit of a splurge, but they are also really special! Personally, I tend not to go for the super plain styles, instead I like them to be a little more exciting – like this cherry print bag. But whatever your style, they are beautifully made, fabulous designs and if you can find your dream kate spade on sale, then go for it!! They do have pretty good sales!!!!

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag

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Go Shopping!!!

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