Are Coach Bags Worth The Money?

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review 2019

Are Coach Bags Worth The Money?

Hello Friends! Today I want to do a quick post about Coach bags and my thoughts on if they are good value for money and generally if coach bags are worth the money. As you might (or might not!) know I own a fair few Coach bags and if truth be told, before i started wearing them about 5 years ago, I never really rated Coach ad a quality brand or a luxury brand. I saw them on the same level as Michael Kors to be honest, nice but not particularly luxe and a fair low end designer bag. Not to be a bag snob, but I have quite a few Chanel bags, as well as Moschino, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton bags in my collection and I never really ranked Coach as anywhere near those brands in terms of prestige or quality.

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And Then It All Changed…

When Stuart Ververs joined Coach as their Creative Director I personally saw a HUGE upturn in Coach’s quality and design. They went back to their roots as a high quality, all American brand and their designs got… exciting! Personally I’m not a huge fan of the ‘luxury’ bags which are made from such heavily treated leathers than they feel almost plastic-y and that’s how I thought of Coach for a while. There’s nothing wrong with those kinds of bags and that type of leather, lord knows Michael kors has made a killing off them and they 100% are practical, hard wearing and last well. But personally… I’m just not a huge fan! Anyway, under Stuart Ververs have made a real push towards thick, pebble and lambskin style leather, which are far less ‘treated’ and generally have more of an equestrian feel and are stitched together with thick, strong stitches. This is way more my style and their 70s inspired designs and traditional-style craftsmanship are really doing it for me! In my opinion, Coach pre-Stuart Ververs, made good quality bags rather than great quality bags, and I considered them ‘designer’ bags but not particularly luxury. (There’s a difference!) however now I consider them a luxury designer brand who make fabulous quality bags! Just being honest here guys!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review christmas winter 2019

Why I Love Coach

In my wardrobe I’m lucky enough to own a fair few Chanel bags, more than I ever dreamed I would if I’m honest. However, you might wonder why I bother with Coach when I have Chanel… right? So here’s the thing, I love Chanel with all my heart, however MOST of my Chanel bags are black and sometimes I want to be a little more colourful, which a lot of my Coach bags are. I also find them stylish, practical and hard wearing. I love the way they look and I always feel good carrying a Coach bag, in particular a Coach Rogue and the Coach Parker, but the Rogue is my forever favourite! They look and feel premium, but I also don’t have to baby them like I might a Chanel bag. If it rains, it’s no biggie if I’m wearing a coach bag but if it rains when I’m wearing a Chanel bag… I panic. And honestly I feel just as great using my Chanel Classic flap as I do with my Coach rogue bag.

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Are Coach Bags Real Leather?

Yes, they are! They use a selection of different leather skins and treat them all in different ways, but in my opinion anything in the pebble leather Is my favourite and the Coach Rogue bag has the thickest, most beautiful pebble leather of alllll the Coach bags! And yes, there are a few on sale RN!

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Can Coach Bags Be Repaired? Do They Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Coach offer a offer a one year warranty on all products, beyond that they offer a repair service which is chargeable. As for cleaning your bag, they sell products to clean your leather and offer great instructions for how to clean the different types of bags. It’s well worth having a look!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review 2019 collection

Do Coach Bags Last Long?

Yes they do! As always, different leather types will last and wear better than others, for instance snakeskin is always more delicate, as is lambskin, but something like the pebble leather is much more robust and less easily damaged. Softer leathers can scratch easier, where as more treated leathers and slightly older leathers will wear better. I have had my Coach Rogue bag for about 4 years now and it’s still looking amazing!! In fact, it gets better with age! However, my red metallic Parker which is in the images, that’s a much softer lambskin leather and that is a bag I’m much more careful with!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review side view

Are Coach Bags Worth The Money?

Yes! 100% especially in the thicker pebble leathers like the Coach rogue bag. The quality is FLAWLESS and PERFECT. Full price they are worth the cash and I honestly can name other ‘designer’ bags which sell less good quality bags for double or even triple the price. However when Coach goes on sale… holy smokes! That’s when you really feel the insanely good value for money! I was in store today and it’s the very end of the sale, we are talking up to 60% and 70% off iconic and amazing bags which honestly, are an investment at that price! So my answer is, yes! Full price, Coach Bags are worth the cash; but on sale, girl, you can basically shop guilt free!!!!

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Watch Me Unboxing The Red Metallic Coach Parker Bag

My Most Recent Coach Sale Purchase

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Go Shopping!

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