Megababe Thigh Rescue review: the chub rub solution you NEED!

Megababe Thigh Rescue review

Hello friends! It’s hot hot hot out there and today I thought I would do a review of Megababe Thigh rescue. This is the anti-chafe balm which is going to save your thighs and stop your chub rub! Let’s chat!!

chub rub is nothing to be ashamed of

Before we get started; Chub rub or chafing, is nothing to be ashamed of. You can get it at any time and any size. For instance, you might never suffer with it and then you might go on holiday to a humid country and find yourself in a world of pain! Or you could be a size 8 runner and need to apply if before every race. Or you could just have thick thighs, and that’s fine too! If you asked all your friends if you have ever had chub rub they will ALL say yes!

Let me remind you of the scene in Girls where Jemima Kirk’s character enters the apartment and declares ‘my thighs are on fire’. Sorry I can’t find the scene to verify the quote…. But you get it. My point is, thin girls (and boys!) get chub rub too. We all get it. It’s ok!

Megababe chub rub balm anti chafe lotion

Megababe Thigh Rescue review – does it really work?!

Ok. So I’m going to be honest. I have been suffering with chub rub for decades now. I think the first time I got it I was 17/18 and i thought I had some kind of urine infection or thrush. I honestly had NO idea what was going on, and it was something no one spoke about so I truly was baffled by what was going on with my inner thighs. All I knew was that it hurt!!

Over the years I have experimented with weird walking techniques, talc (please don’t do this!), lotions and wearing tights in the blistering heat. I eventually settled on wearing cycling shorts under my dresses. This was years before chub rub shorts were a thing.

I’ve been trying out Megababe thigh rescue for a few weeks now and I’m still getting used to the feeling of having my thighs touch. Side note: is it just me who isn’t used to have their legs touch anymore?! It gives me chub rub PTSD!

I promise, Megababe thigh rescue 100% works, but it is weird going shorts free after these years and getting my head around the fact that my thighs can touch and not be painful.

I would class it as an non-negotiable essential for anyone who struggles with chafing, and even if you still wear your chub rub shorts when you are sight seeing or walking a lot, you can use it for swimming costume days and super hot days where you can’t stand the idea of the extra layer of fabric.

Finally, if you are like me and you have trust issues and worried it won’t work for you, then try using megababe thigh rescue when you are staying home or close to home. And if you are taking it on holiday or out for a day trip, pack a pair of chub rub shorts, so you have a chafing security blanket. I’m pretty sure you won’t need it, but it will make you feel better knowing you have it!

How to apply megababe thigh rescue – simply swipe the stick over your inner thighs. I put it on both legs and use a pretty thick layer. But I have heard of others applying on just one leg. I also applied from just above my knee to just below my pants, I wasn’t running any risks!

is megababe thigh rescue worth the money? 100% yes!!!! I swore I would never go back to Bali because it was SO hot and humid the chafing was insane and it was way too hot for chub rub shorts. But with this, I’d feel confident!

how often do you reapply megababe thigh reduce? Honestly, as often as you feel the need to. It could be every hour, it could be just once or twice a day. It varies with the heat annd humidity; I can imagine I would apply it way more frequently in London than I would in Norfolk. Also, I would advise you to take it with you on a day out, rather than apply in the morning and leave it at home. You don’t want to be caught short!!!

pros & cons of megababe thigh rescue

pros: it really works, the packaging is cute and not embarrassing, it’s great value, it will make your holidays better, it’s safe to have near your crotch (side note: please don’t use talc near your bits!)

cons: it might take a while to get used to the feeling of not wearing chub rub shorts

Want it?! Shop it here!

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