Chanel trainer review: the shoes I waited 10 years to buy!!

Chanel trainers preloved review
Chanel trainer review

hello friends! Today I want to do a Chanel trainer review… and this is particularly special as I literally waited 10 years to buy these shoes!!!!! Today we are going to chat price, design, comfort and soooo much more! Let’s go!!

Chanel trainers review uk

why did it take me 10 years to buy these?!

Ok! So these Chanel trainers are from the 2014 supermarket collection. I saw them on the runway and then store, and honestly, I was smitten!

I loved the bright flashy gold, the classic tweed and the pops of rainbow and sparkle mixed into the tweed. I also like the way they looked kinda grown up, but also kinda 90s and cool. Even 10 years ago, they felt retro and I loved it!

So why didn’t I buy them?!

Honestly, the reason I didn’t buy them at the time was money. The 2014 collection was SO good, one of the best Chanel collections in modern times IMO, and I had already got a Chanel candy necklace just a few weeks before which cost around £1000, so it seemed crazy to buy more so soon after.

Little did I know it would go down in history as an iconic collection and I should have just gone for it!

where did I buy them and how much did my Chanel trainers cost?

I had been keeping an eye on these trainers on the preloved market for a while and a pair came up on Vestiarie Collective. They were around £315 and locationed in the UK, so they weren’t too expensive for shipping. They had been listed for a while, so I put in a cheeky offer and eventually got them for around £285.

Which, I admit, is a pretty penny for worn 10 year old trainers, but also, they were still in great condition and a fraction of what a pair of brand new Chanel trainers would cost at today’s retail prices. Plus I loved this design and had been thinking about them for a while!

how much do Chanel trainers cost?

Chanel trainers cost around £1,100 brand new in the boutiques. However, you can usually find them on the preloved market for around £300-400. Making them a great preloved fashion choice. Chanel Shoes don’t retain their prices as well the jewellery or bags. Also, if you can find them at the airport, you can get 20% off retail prices with duty free shopping.

Chanel trainers price

Honest chanel trainers review

Okay, so before we get started, I want to let you know, but I do really love these trainers and I plan on wearing them a lot over the next few years, maybe even up to 10 years! However, I promised you an honest review, so here we go!

I buy a lot of my Chanel (and other designer) items to wear and enjoy, with the knowledge that If I ever get bored of them, I can sell them on and make most of my money back… If not all my money back. I get to buy and enjoy beautiful items, which don’t actually cost me very much in the long run. I also tend to spend less money on fast fashion because I’m busy saving up for the good stuff!

Being fed, I do not think Chanel shoes in general are a good fashion Investment. Today’s prices a pair of Chanel trainers is around £1100 but you can often buy Chanel trainers on the Preloved market for around £300. To give a little context for this price tag, A brooch will cost you around £600, A silk square around £450 and a wallet on a chain bag around £3000.

If the market trends continue these items in a few years will probably net your money back. Chanel tend to increase their prices every year meaning it doesn’t take long for your item to essentially go up and value even when it’s preloved.

That being said, not many people want to buy preloved trainers, or shoes in general. Making them a great item to buy preloved, but not sell.

Where is the Chanel jewellery and Chanel bags, Tend to go up in value even on the pre-market. One bro I bought for £135 around 10 years ago is now worth around £400.

Chanel trainers review

Anyway, let’s talk about the quality of the Chanel trainers, Because what the review without talking about the quality and craftsmanship. These trainers feature tweed, which is gorgeous and the leather lining is beautifully soft. They are great quality especially compared to other luxury trainers on the market however when I compare them to my Chanel bags and items like silk scarves, don’t think they quite meet the Chanel standard. That’s not to say they feel cheap or poor quality, they really are beautiful, but where as the bags feel like they could last 50 years, these feel like they will last less time…. Maybe 20!

That being said, they are already 10 years old and still looking fantastic!

If you are buying them as an investment, I wouldn’t bother, but if you are buying them to wear, then go for it!! They are mega comfortable and look great and I love wearing them!

Also, something I love about these trainers is that they feel a little more smart and elevated, compared to other trainers. They are cool but also a little smarter, which I love! You could easily wear them somewhere smart with a cute dress, or with leggings and a jumper for a casual look with a fashion twist.

In terms of sizing, I would say they come up a little small, so definitely size up if you are between sizes. They don’t come up as small as the espadrilles, but they are on the smaller size. I usually take a 7, and these are a 7.5.

I’m thrilled I finally have them, I love wearing them! I would recommend them, but not as an investment. Also, if you are thinking about buying Chanel shoes on the preloved market, go for it! You can often get a great deal on them!

Ta da! So there we have it! My Chanel trainers review! Do you agree? Would you have bought them? Let me know what you think!


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