The Joanie sale has started! Up to 70% off!

Joanie shoes Mary Jane’s

The Joanie sale has started!!! Up to 70% off!!!

Hello friends! Today I thought I’d give you a quick Friday heads up that the Joanie sale has started! As you might have noticed by now, I love Joanie clothing! They make make lovely quality items at fair prices and they are a b corp brand so you never have to worry that you are buying from a gross brand who are doing terrible things to their employees and the planet.

So today I thought I would share my top picks! Let’s chat!

Joanie shoes

Joanie shoes

first up! There’s some shoes in the Joanie sale and I am shook! Their shoes are so comfortable, so well made and so darn cute! I have these in the red and they are honestly perfect; the heel high gives you a lift but they are comfortable and they are fairly generous in the width fitting, which I love and they are honestly just so cute! At around £55 on sale, these are a winner for me and there’s other cute shoes too, so check them out!

Joanie london tee shirt

Joanie tee shirts

Joanie tee shirts are SO soft! I have started switching out all my regular tee shirts for Joanie tee’s because they are such a good fit! Plus the prints! How cute is this one?!

Joanie clothing Wednesday Adam’s dress

Finally! The dresses! There are so many good ones on sale right now! This one reminds me of Wednesday Adam’s and there’s plenty from the Laura Ashley collab too! I love Joanie dresses, I think I have around 10 at this point!

Anyway! Enjoy the sale! It’s really good!!!!

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