TEN things I’ve been loving lately!

Rocky road

TEN things I’ve been loving lately!

Hello friends! Today I want to share TEN things I’ve been loving lately! This is just a fun collection of cute things that have been making me happy, because it’s fun to spread some joy! Let’s chat!

Chanel iridescent brooch

My new-to-me Chanel brooch

Ten years ago I spotted an amazing Chanel brooch and decided not to buy it… big error! I spent the last decade thinking about it! This month I finally bought it!!! I love it!

car boot sales

Car boot sales bring me so much joy and now I have a child, I have even more to search for!!!! I just love car boot season!!

Asda photo mouse mat

my new mouse mat

I got a new mouse mat and I bloody love it!

The Aristocats

I can’t believe I had never seen this until recently but it’s so fun and cute! Mary has been loving it and so have i!

Rocky road

Rocky Road

We have been in our Rocky road baking era and loving it! It’s so fun to make and we have even been inviting Mary’s friends over to bake it together!

Hydrangea season

I’ve bought lots already this season and I have one in the house on the window sill and it’s bringing a lot of joy! I’ve discovered the best way to have hydrangeas is in pots! That’s been my most successful way to keep them alive!

Megababe anti chafe balm

It’s that time of year again and Megababe Anti Chafe balm is giving me life; it’s way better than wearing cycle shorts under dresses and getting a hot crotch!

Iris bulbs labels for lunch garden

Planting bulbs & seeing them grow

I swear I must have planted 400/500 bulbs this summer and it’s such a joy seeing them grow! I’ve planted lilies, gladioli, irises and dahlia tubers, to name just a few! I bought most of them from Farmer Gracy, I also got a handful from my local garden centre on sale too!

Elemis x Gigi and olive beauty box

Elemis x Gigi & Olive set

I got my hands on this amazing Elemis X Gigi & Olive set and it’s so lovely!!! We are getting Married this summer and it’s a perfect bridal skincare set! I blogged about it here!

Party Girls Die In Pearls

I finally read it and I loved it! Ok… that’s a lie, I listened to it on audible but I loved it!

ta da! And there we have it! 10 things I’ve been loving lately!  This post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.



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