Joanie prairie dress: the perfect vintage inspired dress for summer!

Joanie prairie dress
Joanie prairie dress

hello friends! Today I want to show you my amazing new Joanie prairie dress! I’m so thrilled with it; it’s literally my perfect casual summer dress and there’s so much I want to say about it! So I thought I’d share it! Dress lovers; this post is for you!!

Dresses with pockets

That’s right, ladies! This dress has pockets! As we all know, Joanie love a dress with a pocket and so do I! This dress has cute concealed pockets, and if you have big hips like me, this skirt is a-line and full enough, not to add weight or bulk to my hips. Which I love!

I don’t know if this is just me, but I love a dress with a pocket, but if the fit of the hips is too slim, the pockets can ruin the line of the skirt and make my hips look bigger and weird shape. This is perfect! Thanks Joanie!!

Joanie prairie dress Sleeves green crochet dress

the crochet detail!

Next up! We have to talk about the crochet detail running down the front as well as on the adorable puff sleeves! I love it!  It’s giving vintage Laura Ashley vibes (remember their amazing collab with them last year?!) and I’m here for it! Speaking of vintage Laura Ashley, the print is a perfect retro ditsy floral and it’s so cute!

As for the fit, it’s nice and generous where it needs to be, perfect for summer comfort, but the tie belt at the back means you can cinch in the waist, making it cute and flattering!

It’s cotton! Yes! An affordable Cotton dress!!

Ok! Only another pet peeve of mine! Why is it so flippin’ hard to buy a cotton dress these days?! I swear all the brands making cotton dresses are selling them for £300-400 and I’m honestly not here for it! I’m not saying I want fast fashion, I’m not saying I want to buy bikinis for £1, but I also want to live in a world where a cute cotton dress is less than £100. And I don’t think that’s unreasonable because that’s what this dress is!

Also, this dress is lined, Which is pretty much unheard of these days, but I really appreciate!

As for my shoes….

My shoes are also from Joanie and I love love love them! They are super comfortable. They are nice and accommodating for my fairly wide feet and they are the perfect shade of red with a double strap. They also have a tiny heel, which gives me a little height, but it’s really comfortable.

I had my eye on these ones for awhile, so I’m thrilled to finally own them and now I’m tempted to buy the metallic pink pair too … which by the way, are stunning!

If you want to treat yourself, you can buy the dress here and the shoes here! Enjoy!

Anyway! That’s my post! This is my new Joanie prairie dress and I absolutely love it! This post contains affiliate links and press samples.

Joanie prairie dress Green Laura Ashley style Joanie prairie dress Sleeves green crochet dress