I’m a vintage clothes collector… this is what I’ve been collecting lately!

Vintage 80s striped jumpsuit

A little project I’ve been working on… as a vintage clothes collector!

Hello friends! I wasn’t sure if I should write a post about this, but I figured… why not! it’s something I’ve been working on lately (did I tell you I’m a bit of a vintage clothes collector!?) and I thought someone might find it fun, or inspiring or it might even make you think ‘I’m going to do something similar!’… so here I am! Or you might even think ‘that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard’ and that’s ok too! 

Vintage 80s jumpsuit

So, here’s the thing! I’ve been starting to make a collection of vintage clothes for my toddler. And I’m not talking about vintage children’s clothes (although I often dress her in vintage) I’m talking about adult vintage clothes!

I’ve been a vintage shopper and a clothes collector for years now and it’s such a joy and a passion in my life. My mum always tells me about the amazing clothes she had in the 70s and I always say ‘why didn’t you save them for me!!???’ And she always says the same thing; ‘I had no idea anyone would want them!’

Mini Louis Vuitton bag

I love collecting vintage clothes… so let’s do it for my daughter! 

So, here’s the thing! I know how much I would have wanted them and i know it’s possible Mary will want them too! So I’m making an effort to buy some cute things now, so that in 20 years Mary might treasure them!

I’m buying everything second hand and preloved, and some things are fairly recent and others are already pretty old. But I figured even the items which are fairly new, will be vintage by the time she might want them.

Swavoski vintage necklace

I’m not spending a fortune! 

Most of the items I’ve been buying are pretty cheap, just a pound or two, generally from car boot sales and charity shops. And I’ve bought a variety of sizes, I’ve been more focused on what’s fun and exciting, rather than trying to guess her size.

My theory is not everything she will like, not everything will fit her, and even if she only wears a few things for fancy dress parties or festivals, it will still be worth it! And if she doesn’t want any of it, then maybe it will be worth more and she can sell it all! Who know! Either way, I hope she loves it all and it’s a fun thing I can do for her now, for her when she’s older! A bit like a fashion ISA!

Vintage tote bag

vintage clothes I’m buying to store for the future 

  • A variety of sizes
  • Natural fabrics where possible, like cotton, denim, linen. I’m avoiding fabrics like Lycra which looses its shape and elasticity
  • Unusual items; fun prints, bright colours, sequinned flouncy dresses
  • Designer items which are cheaper and not fashionable at the moment. For instance, a few years ago no one wanted Von Dutch tee shirts and now the kids are going wild for them!
  • Well made items… I’m avoiding fast fashion as it doesn’t last 
  • vintage dresses 
  • vintage topshop (the glory days of topshop were so good!) 
  • accessories which will last well, like cotton bags, rather than upvc bags which can get sticky and disintegrate over time 
  • clothes which would be perfect for festivals and parities, like 80s prom dresses or 2000’s sequinned hot pants

So there we have it! Maybe she will love it, maybe she’ll have it or maybe it will all be on eBay in 20 years time. But I’m putting my vintage clothes collector skills to good use and making her a fun stash! I hope this was of interest! Xxx

Vintage 80s prom party dress