Elizabeth Scarlett bride bags & bride tribe bags!!

Bride tribe bags
bride bags & bride tribe bags

hello, friends today I want to show you the best bride bags and bride tribe bags. We are finally getting married this summer, so bride bits are at the top of my wishlist and i love these Elizabeth Scarlett bride and bridesmaid pouches. They are the perfect clutch bag for the day, and afterwards they make a beautiful keepsake pouch. Perfection!

Elizabeth Scarlett pouch

elizabeth Scarlett bride bags

There are a lot of beautiful bride bags on the market, but I’m going to be honest; a lot of them are really expensive! Have you seen the amazing shrimps Antonia bag?! I’m obsessed! But it’s £500 and I know I’d only wear it once! As for the Judith Leiber bags; they are also iconic big they will cost you thousands… not hundreds! And again! I would never wear it again!!

Instead, I’m looking at the Elizabeth Scarlett bride and bridesmaid pouch bags. They can be used as beautiful clutch bags on the day and be reused after the event too. Plus they cost around £32… so they won’t break the bank!

Elizabeth Scarlett pouch Hope bag

why bride tribe bags are a great wedding investment

  • they make a great thank you gift for your bridesmaids
  • all your bridesmaids will have matching bags and dresses
  • They look cute in pictures
  • they can be monogrammed and personalised for each bridesmaid
  • you can put extra gifts inside
  • they can be used after the big day for keepsakes or as a make up bag or toiletries bag
  • they make your bridesmaids feel part of a special club, even if they don’t know each other very well

A few more things you need to know!

Finally, I just thought I’d share a few more details, in case you are interested! First up! The pouches are £32 each, although you can get 15% off with my discount link… thank me later!

There are Also eye masks which are super cute and also marked with the bridesmaid design. Which is perfect, especially if you are doing a bridal sleepover!

I have a few Elizabeth Scarlett pouches and they are great quality, the fabric, the zip, the embroidery; it’s all lovely!!! I wrote a review here!

where to buy bride tribe bags

Elizabeth Scarlett

Judith Leiber



Not On the high street

Ta da! And there we have it! Elizabeth Scarlett and her bride tribe bags! I hope you love them as much as I do!


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