Chanel iridescent brooch: It’s been on my wishlist for 10 years!

Chanel brooch collection iridescent brooch
Chanel iridescent brooch: It’s been on my wishlist for 10 years!

hello friends! Today I want to show you my new Chanel iridescent brooch! This brooch has been on my wishlist for 10 years and I finally have it! It’s from the iconic supermarket collection and I love it! Let’s chat!

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how much do Chanel brooches cost?

I’m going to be honest here; Chanel brooches are wildly expensive! When I got my first Chanel brooch over 10 years ago, it was £130, which honestly, I thought was a lot at the time. Now they are closer to £800-£1000 when bought in store. If I could turn back the clock I would tell myself to buy more because they were such a major investment!! Who knew!!

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Where I buy my preloved Chanel pieces

I usually buy my pre-Chanel pieces from Bonhamd auction house, but I will buy from other places like VC or eBay on occasions too. I recently found a great item at Vinted for an amazing price and I was sure it was real, but the seller changed her mind and cancelled the order at the last minute. Which was such a shame!

In short, I will look around many places for preloved Chanel, but I generally buy most of my pieces from Bonhams.

Chanel brooch collection

How much I paid for my new Chanel brooch and why I couldn’t stop thinking about it for 10 years!

The reason I fell in love with this brooch ten years ago is because I loved the simple design with the iridescent effect. I thought it was so fun! The reason I didn’t buy it though, was because I had a collection of Chanel brooches and i figured I didn’t need another especially considering the price of them. So I left it.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve found myself wearing my Chanel brooches SO much and I always felt like this beauty was ‘the one that got away’. I knew if I ever saw it for a decent price, I would treat myself to it. When I saw it for just over £300, I took the plunge and went for it! I know it’s not cheap, but it’s a brooch I wanted and it’s about a third of a Chanel brooch at today’s store prices. And hopefully if I ever wanted to resell it, I could get my money back for it.

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How to wear a Chanel brooch

  • On a jacket or coat lapel
  • on a hat
  • on a dress
  • to fasten a scarf – either wool or silk
  • attach it to a beaded necklace to make a pendant
  • on a dress
  • make a bow from a ribbon and use the brooch as the centre to secure it to your top or dress

always avoid putting brooches on your bag as they are so easily knocked off bags! also, avoid spraying perfume near a brooch as perfume can discolour costume jewellery.

Anyway! That’s my new brooch! I hope you like it! Thank you so much for reading this post! This post contains some affiliate links.

Chanel brooch jewellery vintage preloved supermarket collection



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