Sistema food containers review: 10 things you need to know!

Sistema food containers review Drinking bottle ocean plastic

Sistema food containers review: 10 things you need to know!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a little Sistema food containers review… why? Because I use them all the time and I’m a big fan! So why not share the love?!

As you might know, I have a toddler, so we always have snacks with us. I love to bake with Mary and these nifty boxes are perfect for storing our baked goods, lunches, organising our cupboards and even putting leftovers in the fridge or freezer in.

Sistema food containers review Sandwich box ocean plastic

There’s lots of amazing food storage boxes from Sistema, but personally I love the range which contains ocean bound plastics; so this is the one I will focus on and the one I would encourage you to buy too.

I don’t know about you; but it breaks my heart to see plastic in our beautiful oceans and anything we can do to support the removal of it, gets my vote. Plus, I used to live close to the beach, so this is a subject close to my heart. Let’s chat about why sistema’s food storage boxes are so good, especially the range containing ocean bound plastic. Which you can see here!

I’m also a big believer in the fact that if you have a selection of great quality food storage tubs, you use a lot less cling film and freezer bags too… so it’s a win-win for saving plastic from the bin and the ocean! I also love my staub dishes, however, these are great for the oven but not great for travel!

Sistema food containers review Sandwich box made from ocean plastic

Sistema ocean bound plastic range – what you need to know!

Made from 35% ocean bound plastic – yep! 35% off all the plastic used to make this range is recycled from ocean bound plastic. That’s a lot of plastic being saved each year by sistema! 

BPA free – food safe! 

Dishwasher safe – use in the top tray of your dishwasher. 

Freezer safe – and they are stackable! 

Microwave safe – just make sure you remove the lid! 

Stackable – that’s right! These are stackable so perfect for fridges, cupboards and freezers. 

Leak proof & sturdy – the clip sides make them super leak proof and they are nice and sturdy too, so they will last for years! 

Affordable – food storage containers can be costly, but these are a great price! 

Widely available at stores including Tesco and John Lewis – I appreciate the ease of being able to buy these easily rather than hunting them down in select stores. 

The sandwich box is a gamechanger! – the sandwich box is my absolute fave! It’s great for sandwiches (obvs!) but it’s also great for popping in things like flapjacks, small portions of pasta, left overs from dinner and fresh berries. Honestly the options are endless!!

Sistema food containers review

Sistema food containers review

To finish up, let’s do a quick sistema food container review. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t normally talk about food storage boxes, so the mere fact that I’m writing this post shows you how much I support them and love this product!

Their storage boxes are brilliant quality and super sturdy and leak proof. I love using them for Mary’s snacks as well as my own and I personally love the sandwich box size as it’s small enough to put in my bag, but big enough to put in some lunch for Mary or some slices of flapjack or rocky road to enjoy with a coffee whilst we are out. It’s honestly the perfect size and shape!

If the sandwich size box doesn’t tickle your fancy, they have others including bento style boxes which are also amazing, and some even come with forks inside!

Not only are they great for taking out and about, I also really like them for around the house too. They are perfect for storing left overs in the fridge or freezer, which is way better than using bowls and cling film or freezer bags. They are stackable in the fridge and really cut down on my cling film usage too!

I know there are some cute cartoon-printed toddler snack boxes on the market, but personally, I find they aren’t generally very sturdy and the lids often pop off. Where as the sistema boxes are super safe as they have the side clips which make them completely leak-proof and ‘pop-open’ proof.

Also, I’m a firm believer in the fact that whilst it’s fun to have ‘cute’ snack boxes for children, it’s a lot more important to be mindful of how we shop and live. These snack boxes help take plastic out of the ocean and recycle them into a high quality, long lasting product. This is a great way to teach my toddler that the ‘cutest’ products are not always the best and small changes can do a lot to help the planet.

If you only buy one Sistema item, I would recommend the sandwich box from the ocean bound plastic range. It’s perfect for everything from packed lunches to baked treats and left overs to store in the fridge or freezer, it’s just a really handy size!

I honestly believe that we should all be trying to buy more items made from ocean bound plastic and supporting companies who make the effort to use it. These containers are such an easy switch to make next time you need to buy more food storage boxes or water bottles, plus they are great quality!

Anyway! I hope you liked hearing abiut the sisters ocean bound plastic boxes. I hope it’s of help and interest. It’s such a small change but it makes a big difference, plus it’s a great quality food storage range. This post contains press samples.

Sistema food containers review


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