Renovating?! Here’s how to live without white goods & save money on your next purchase!

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Renovating?! Here’s how to live without white goods & save money on your next purchase!

Hello friends! If you are renovating, this is the post for you! As you might know we have done two major house renovations and I can tell you… it’s not easy! I’ve learnt a lot along the way and today I want to share some helpful tips and tricks; all around living without white goods and how to save money on buying your next white goods. From using a laundry service to doing dishes in the bath, we have tips to help you power through the renovating stage.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that white goods are a huge purchase which you use constantly for years, if not decades and making the right decision can save you money and help the environment. However, when your white goods suddenly break, it’s very tempting to make a rush decision and purchase whatever is available and a half decent price.

I’m here to tell you how you can buy yourself a little time so that you don’t have to make a rush decision and instead take a little time to find the right machine and get the best deal! Let’s chat!

how to live without white goods – short term & long term!

How to live without an oven – we managed without an oven for 2 years and very few takeaways! We relied on a camping stove, toaster and kettle. But I’d recommend buying (or borrowing) an affordable slow cooker and air fryer, you’d be surprised how much you can do without a traditional oven! Then Google a lots of air fryer recipes and slow cooker recipes and live your best life!

how to live without a washing machine – first up! You can go to the laundrette, but it’s hard work, time consuming and often quite expensive. Personally I would recommend using Laundryheap who collect your laundry, wash and fold (or iron) and deliver it back. It’s easy, saves time and it’s around the same money if not less than a service wash at the laundrette. It’s an incredibly convenient resource for whenever you have too much laundry and not enough time, but it’s essential if you are renovating or your washing machine has broken!

how to live without a dishwasher – you know the answer to this!

How to live without a kitchen sink – hands up if you have done the dishes in the bath?! Same! I’d recommend buying a washing up bowl and doing it on the table, then dumping the waste water down the drain. It’s a lot easier than doing it in the bath or the bathroom sink and you won’t mess up your bathroom drain either.

how to live without a fridge – this one is probably the hardest thing to live without, but I can tell you, we had no fridge for 2 years and it wasn’t that bad. You just need to shop every day and you might want to rely on things like tins of beans or soup for lunch. It’s not ideal but it’s possible.

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How to save money on your white goods?

  • shop around for the best deals, not only are you looking for the cheapest price, but look for cashback offers, discount codes and extended warranties
  • ask companies to price match offers you have seen online. This might be especially good if one company offers an extended warranty and the other doesn’t.
  • wait for Black Friday weekends
  • if you are nowhere near Black Friday, then try and order on a bank holiday weekend as that can often be a good time for deals and discounts
  • if you shop online, order via a cashback website to get a further discount
  • order using a credit card which gives you points and / or 0% interest for a period of time to help you stagger the payments
  • ask a friend who works for a retailer if you can use their staff discount

Ta da! And there we have it! Here’s how to live without white goods & save money on your next purchase! Perfect for if you are renovating or if your white goods unexpectedly break! I hope it was of help!


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