My unique engagement ring: Do I still like it after 10 years?!

Victorian cluster ring engagement ring

My unique engagement ring: Do I still like it after 10 years?!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about my unique engagement ring and how I feel about it after 10 years. Am I bored of it? Do I regret not getting something more ‘classic’ or do I wish I had gone for something even more unique?! Let’s get into it! As well as look at other great engagement rings! Let’s chat!

 About my engagement ring

We got engaged over 10 years ago now and yes, I chose the ring with him! Why? Because he knows I know my jewels and I have fairly specific taste. And honestly, it was super fun picking out the ring together! We went in all the fancy shops and it was a fun experience, it’s a really happy memory and I would 100% recommend choosing the ring together; if you want to!

Cartier love ring review

Anyway! After going in the usual stores (Cartier, Tiffany, DeBeers etc) I asked to look at rings in antique jewellery shops. At first he was hesitant as he wanted a ring that was ‘mine’ but actually; finding something vintage or antique felt more unique compared to the drawers of identical rings we were seeing in other stores. An antique ring might have had other owners, but it also felt rare and special. I also liked the fact it was handmade, it just felt more ‘me’. There was also something kind of magical about finding a beautiful ring which was the perfect size!

Speaking of which, it didn’t take me long to find a ring I loved, we picked out a Victorian diamond cluster ring in the shape of a flower. It has a gold band and the diamonds are set into platinum. I think it’s 4 carats in total and each diamond was hand cut and reflects the light beautifully, especially in lower light. It’s hard to describe but it sparkles in a different way to modern diamonds. I hate to sound smug, but it’s a beautiful ring!

It’s been over ten years since I got it and I still love it. I wear it every day and it’s really comfortable and practical. Even though it’s 4 carats, it doesn’t feel too big or flashy, plus it’s not too ‘high’ either, which I know a lot of people find really annoying as they can catch on things and become uncomfortable. As for the design; I’m not bored of it, mainly because it’s not boring!

cartier love ring gold

Should you pick a simple engagement ring?!

I have a theory that we all get told to keep things simple so we don’t get bored of bold design choices, but actually, we are more likely to get bored of the basic designs. Put it this way, if you painted your home magnolia, you might be bored of it in a week, where as if you painted it in beautiful shades of your favourite colours, you would probably love it for years. After that time, you might not notice it as much as you once did, but if someone offered to paint it magnolia for you, you’d probably say no because you might not be as excited by the colours as you once were, but you still prefer them to magnolia! Can I get a hell yeh?!

Would I recommend an antique engagement ring?

Personally, I love having an antique engagement ring! I love vintage clothes and antiques, so having an old ring is an extension of that. It doesn’t feel like ‘someone else’s ring’ it feels like my ring and it feels unique and special. I get that not everyone loves vintage, but if you do, it’s worth considering.

If vintage isn’t your thing, then consider a made-to-order exclusive design

If we hadn’t found a vintage ring I loved; then this would have been my choice. I love the idea of a made-to-order unique engagement ring, it’s so special! Whilst you can work with a designer to create something from scratch, you can also work with a designer who has created exclusive designs, which can be made-to-order and customised for you. It takes the pressure off creating something from scratch, but means that you can still make something really special and unique. Each ring is one-of-a-kind!


What about engagement rings with coloured stones?!

I really love coloured stones as engagement rings; it’s a classic look and gives a wonderful pop of colour! The only issue I had with it, was choosing which coloured stone I liked the best! Some stones are better suited to engagement rings than others, as some stones are softer and not ideal for wearing every day, but speak to a professional about this, or your ring designer. They will be able to help you better on this!

Unique engagement rings

Let’s chat ethics!

Finally, I just want to chat ethics, because as we all know, there’s an environmental and human impact when it comes to choosing our engagement rings. Personally, I felt like buying an antique ring felt fairly ethical, as it’s a ring which already exists in the world. I’m sure some people will tell me there’s historical ethical issues, but it felt good to me.

Lab grown diamonds are becoming an increasing popular option too, as again, it’s really ethical and I think it’s pretty cool. I hadn’t even heard of lab grown diamonds 10 years ago, but I would definitely be interested if I was buying an engagement ring again… which I won’t be!

Another option would be buying a vintage ring, or even a brooch or necklace and removing the stone to re-work them into bespoke ring design. It’s a lovely mix of old and new!

Finally, another great way to recycle is by asking your jewellery designer to use recycled gold and silver, rather than ‘new’ precious metals. The metals will look and feel just ‘new’ but it means the metals are recycled and not freshly mined. A lot of jewellery designers use recycled precious metals as standard, but it’s good to check they do!

If any of these ideas ‘speak’ to you, then have a chat to a jewellery designer about your ideas. As for me, I still adore my antique ring and I have no regrets with picking something unusual! Have fun with your engagement ring! It’s a joyful occasion and who wants a ring like everyone else’s anyway? Ps. Can we talk about the red, pink and purple stone ring?! I love it!!!!

So there we have it! My engagement ring and if I still love it 10 years on! Also, a big thank you to Nude jewellery for letting me use images of their bespoke engagement rings, I love their work so much!

Nude jewellery engagement rings pink


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