LOM bridal beauties! You need to see this sequin veil!

LOM bridal beauties

Hello friends! Mary’s still asleep (it’s just turned 8am, I’m a lucky lady!) and I couldn’t resist doing a quick blog post about the amazing LOM bridal range! it caught my eye a few weeks ago when I saw their sequin veil and honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it! The colours, the sparkle, the drama… it’s all fantastic!!

sequin veil of dreams!

I’m getting married this summer and I’m avoiding all the classic bridal things… white gowns, bridesmaids, crash diets, hen dos and top hats… however, when I saw this sequinned veil; I was very tempted to do something a bit more transitional. With a twist of course!

seriously though, how beautiful is the sequin veil? You could wear it with a bright and bold unconventional wedding dress or you could give a classic wedding dress a really fun twist. Either way; it’s fantastic! Also big shout out to the rainbow tulle skirt and the giant metallic bow! Could I be any more obsessed with this collection?! I think not! For all the rock n roll brides, this is the creme de la creme, or as the tik tok kids would say, our Roman Empire! Oh and did I mention, it’s actually pretty affordable, especially in the context of wedding wear which is usually ludicrously overpriced! Thank me later!


if you have any advice for me, please let me know! I’ve never done this before and I’m not really a wedding person, so I honestly am clueless!!!  Let me know anything I need and if you have any tips on keeping costs down, hit me up! It’s already spiralling and don’t know how!!!

Anyway! You can shop the collection at LOM fashion and if you are getting married soon, then I think you might love it! Enjoy!

lom bridal
Sequin veil