I got my photo on mouse mat! Here’s why!

Asda photo mouse mat

I got my photo on mouse mat!

Hello friends! Today I want to share my new favourite thing… I got a photo on mouse mat! I thought I’d tell you about where I got it, why I got it, how I got it and why I love it so much! Let’s chat!

Life without a mouse mat

ok. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I haven’t had a mouse mat for literally 10 years. I’ve always relied on things like cardboard boxes or books as a mouse mat. And I’m not gonna lie; they don’t work very well! I feel like a fool for saying this, but damn… mouse mats are amazing! They make using your computer so much easier! There’s no faffing around with scrap paper any more! It’s a dream and it’s so easy!!!

Asda photo mouse mat

where I got my mouse mat

I got my mouse mat from ASDA photo, they cost £6 and they are made bespoke for you. I simply went on the website, picked the mouse mat and uploaded my photo and boom! It was done and I pressed order! Easy! It did take 2 weeks to come, but it was 100% worth the wait!

why I got my photo on mouse mat?!

For the past few months, I’ve been keeping an eye on a second hand mouse mat at the charity shops, but I haven’t seen one. So I decided it was time to order one. Sure, I could have gotten one that already exists, or even found a second hand one on vinted or eBay, but honestly, I wanted something a little more fun! I decided what was more fun that getting my own photo on mouse mat!?!

A few months ago we set up a tripod and took some cute family photos in the garden, I was really pleased with the photos, so I instantly knew these were the pics I would want on my mouse mat!

Now when I’m working, I can look down and see my cute little family smiling back and me and it makes me chuckle. I don’t usually go for personalised items like this, but damn, I love my new photo on mouse mat! It’s so cute and cheerful! I might even get one for my parents and my partner, it’s a great gift!

Reasons to get a photo on mouse mat!

  • It’s nice to see your family when you are working
  • it’s a fun desk accessory
  • it makes a great birthday gift
  • it’s under £10 making it a great secret Santa gift
  • If you are a boss, you could order them for your staff, either of the team or of your products
  • it makes a great ‘congratulations on your new job’ gift
  • you could print a photo which serves as inspiration on your mouse mat, for instance your dream home, a moodboard or a holiday destination

ta da! And there we have it! My snazzy mouse mat! Why I love it and why you need one too!! Enjoy!


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