FIVE cute & fun bedding sets! +all super affordable!

Matalan lobster print crab print bedding duvet cover
FIVE cute & fun bedding sets

hello friends! Today I want to share FIVE cute & fun bedding sets. They are all really cool designs and come in a variety of sizes… plus they are all really affordable! In fact, the prints are so good, sometimes I get tempted to buy some and make them into a dress or make them it on a table cloth!

oh and before I forget, they are all from Matalan. I honestly love Matalan bedding; they always have amazing seasonal designs which are super fun, plus they are all really affordable. They are great quality too!

Anyway! Without further ado – let’s look at these cute and fun bedding sets! Let’s go!

Matalan lobster print crab print bedding duvet cover

Lobsters, crabs and seaside cuteness

I love love love this design of seaside bedding! The watercolour effect, the cute motifs, the colours, it’s just all so lovely! I think this one will sell out fast, so it’s worth snapping up if you see it in your bed size!

Leaf print bedding cheer cover

leafy loveliness

I love love love this leafy palm print! It’s bold, fresh and lovely! It’s part minimalist and clean, and it’s part retro and bold! It reminds me of some of the YSL prints from the 80s. Stunning!

Dog print bedding didn’t cover

Dog dads

For the dog mums and dads out there, this set is perfect!!! If comes in a dark navy, which is perfect if you share your bed with your dog (trust me, i know!) and it features all kinds of cute dogs! It’s such a fun print!

Matalan ice cream duvet cover

I dream of ice cream

The cutest ice cream bedding for summer, covered in lollipops and sugar strands. So cute!!!! I would totally have this in my house!

Rainbow matalan duvet cover

Rainbow loveliness

Finally, I have to show you this set, the front is so cute with flamingos, toucans and palm leaves, but the back is also lovely with rainbow stripes. I love the front but I would be tempted to style it rainbow side out, but that’s just me! What do you think?!

ta da! And there we have it! FIVE cute & fun bedding sets! I hope you like this post and if you want to buy any, feel free to click the links. This post contains affiliate links.