Contact Lenses, Scents, Jewellery, and More: Subtle Ways to Elevate Your Personal Style

Contact Lenses, Scents, Jewellery, and More: Subtle Ways to Elevate Your Personal Style

When it comes to amplifying your look, subtlety can sometimes be the most powerful option. Less is more, and carefully selecting the right pieces can add a sophisticated flair to your outfit with minimal fanfare. Today, style aficionados are embracing the quiet luxury aesthetic, which is all about flashing understated opulence through minimalist clothing. But you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on luxury brands like Loro Piana – sometimes an elevated, subtle look can be achieved through proper accessorising.

Accessorising your everyday outfit need not be complicated. All you need to do is select the right items to match and boost your aesthetic, such as contact lenses, jewellery, perfume, and more. Below, we look at a few subtle ways to elevate your style. 

Try coloured contacts for brighter eyes

Contact lenses add a subtle charm to your aura, especially since contacts can deepen or brighten up your eye colours to help your face look more alive, even without makeup. You can check out coloured contact lenses online to help you pick the right colour that can match your personality and vibe, whether it’s blue, green, or hazel contacts. The FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors are viable options that are available with or without a prescription to help you look dashing on any occasion. Light brown or hazel shades can add just enough colour to your eyes without overpowering your outfit, helping you achieve that subtle yet stunning effect.

Opt for simple, elegant jewellery

Jewellery pieces add a little bit of sparkle that can help you stand out from the crowd. Trying out fine and elegant jewellery pieces like those from the Aria collection of FOPE is one way to integrate an Italian allure into your look. The brand’s gold necklace with white diamond and pendant earrings set features an elegant, lightweight, and delicate mesh chain to help you exude understated elegance. You can also elevate your style by simply wearing a crystal necklace with gold chain-link drop earrings from Charles & Keith for that subtle yet modern finesse. Whether you’re dressed up for the occasion or simply wearing your 9-to-5 outfit, a hint of jewellery can help you look dazzling.

Spray a fine fragrance 

Scents can convey your unique style – whether you want to smell expensive, romantic, or fresh and clean, using the right fragrance that matches your vibe can leave a lasting impression. If you want to smell floral and sweet, you can try a flower-based perfume like Jo Malone’s Rose Amber cologne, which features clove and rose fragrances that last well on the skin. It’s a great, subtle way of displaying sweetness and style even when you’re wearing casual clothes. Maison Margiela’s Lazy Sunday Morning is another perfume that helps convey a relaxing lily scent to help you exude a warm, high-class aroma. For a long-lasting fragrance, spray your perfume on your wrists, neck, behind your ears, and your collars and sleeves.

Wear a classic belt 

A belt outlines your body shape and ties your whole look to make you appear stylish and well-put together. It can also add a pop of colour, especially if you’re wearing a classic like Gucci’s gold GG belt over a white or black dress. You can exude effortless elegance by wearing subtle designer belts like Celine’s Triomphe belt, which can be worn with any outfit – from a woollen coat to a trouser-and-blouse pairing – and is easily recognisable thanks to its gold logo in the middle. Inspired by Paris’ Arc de Triomphe chain detailing, this belt can add a stylish flair to your diverse outfit choices.

Achieving an elevated personal style need not be too hard or complicated. Selecting the right accessories, from contacts and jewellery to perfumes and belts, can help you radiate subtle opulence.