Incorporating colour into your bathroom design

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Incorporating colour into your bathroom design

Bathrooms tend to be one of the least creatively inspired rooms in the home. The average design is predominantly white or grey with a sleek, cold décor, but this minimalist approach often lacks warmth and personality.

However, your bathroom may be the ideal place to experiment with a little more colour and vibrancy. Doing so can help to create an inviting space that reflects your personality and style, as well as elevating your bathing experience. Here’s how to best incorporate colour into your bathroom.

Start with bold colours

There’s no reason to be shy when deciding on your colour scheme. Try some different tones and hues before fully decorating your walls. Bathrooms can look great with deep, dark colours and light, airy colours just as much.

Greens, blues, yellows, earthy tones and neutrals such as grey and white are viable options depending on your preferences. Contrasting walls with furniture, cabinets and tiles can take your bathroom design to the next level.

Embrace the mix-and-match

Infuse character into your bathroom by choosing eclectic furnishings that complement your colourful theme. Look for statement pieces such as vintage vanities, ornate mirrors or quirky storage solutions to add different elements to your design.

Mix and match styles and textures to create visual interest, but also use it to showcase your personal taste. The combination of decorations, soft furnishings, fixtures and fittings, and practical elements should help you create a space you’re more than happy to spend time in.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the vibrancy of a colourful bathroom. Illuminated mirrors not only provide functional lighting but also serve as striking focal points. Used in combination with bright downlighting, you can set the tone in your bathroom depending on the activity.

Light fixtures in metallic finishes or quirky designs can add further flair to complement your chosen colour palette. Don’t forget about the power of natural light. Maximise it to give your bathroom a new lease of life during the day.


Elevate your design scheme with playful tiles and rugs that add depth and dimension to the bathroom. Experiment with mosaic tiles in contrasting colours or geometric patterns to create eye-catching feature walls or backsplashes.

Introduce plush rugs in coordinating hues to anchor the space and provide warmth underfoot. Even if you’ve opted for a relatively neutral colour scheme, incorporating highlights of colour with mats and rugs brings a wealth of charm and character.

Linens and towels

Complete the colourful bathroom transformation with luxurious linens and towels that add texture and comfort. Find the right balance between sharp edges and soft textures to enhance the feel of your bathroom.

Soft towels in vibrant hues should echo the colour palette of your space and can be coordinated with plush bath mats and shower curtains in complementary shades to create a cohesive look.