90’s trends I’m still obsessed with! Warning: nostalgia alert!


90’s trends I’m still obsessed with!

Hello friends! Today I thought I should share some fun 90’s trends I’m still obsessed with! I always think of the 90s, especially the late 90s as my era. We had so much amazing pop culture come out of this time, as well as incredible fashion trends and music. I don’t wanna sound like an oldie, but seriously… where are the good bands these days?! Where the Britpop? These new kids can’t churn out the hits like the indie bands could!

Anyway! Today I want there some 90s trends I’m still obsessed with, inspired by this chums post! 

Dressing like you were in ‘The Craft’

I remember all the teen magazines being full of spread called things like ‘how to dress like ‘The Craft’, and I lapped it up! Witches were big in the 90s, and the shops were filled with cute black or black and grey plaid mini skirts, worth with chockers, chains and chunky boots. It was SO cute!

Blur v oasis

Whose team were you on? Blur or oasis?! Personally, I was torn, as I loved blur; but I’m northern so I knew I should be team oasis! In retrospect, blur won! Plus they are still friends which can’t be said for the Gallagher brothers – I always wonder how their mum feels about this? It must be sad for the family. Also, shout out to anyone who remembers the indie bands playing football against each other and seeing the photos in the NME the following week!

Babydoll dresses with tee shirts underneath

Ahhhh! This was such a cute look! It started with hole in the grunge era and it carried on right through until the end of the 90s. I would argue it’s still cool to this day!


Going for ice cream and milkshake dates with your friends 

I feel like this is no longer something people do and honestly it should be! It was SUCH a such to go out with your friends to a cool ice cream parlour or even a restaurant and order ice creams, milkshakes or simply a dessert. There was no meals and no big expense; just lots of gossip and a sugar high and then home in time to watch neighbours!! It was great!!

listening to the clueless soundtrack

 Of course we were all into Clueless, it was iconic from the second it was released. But we all also loved the soundtrack! In fact, movie soundtracks were a big thing back then and it was such a fun trend! We got so many hits from films like Josie & the pussycats, Romeo & Juliet, Cruel intentions, Romy & Michelle’s high school reunion and so many more! Hell, even Levi’s advert songs were a big thing and often became number 1 hits… what was that about?! 

candy doll club pin badges

badges as jewellery 

Yep! You heard it! Badges as jewellery was a real thing! You would hunt down vintage 70s and 80s badges and wear a few of them on your fave vintage jumper. Bands often did badges as merch too and that would also be a cute add on to a collection too. It was a good look and it was fun and affordable. 


Obviously! We all still miss mixtapes! They were such a joy, a Spotify playlist is never the same! 

spice girl style 

Even if you didn’t like the spice girls (but let’s be honest, we all did!) then I bet you loved their style! It was brash, bold, fun, exciting and a magical mix of glitter, sequins, big hair, big prints, crop tops and sassy joy! It’s a 90’s trends I’m still obsessed with, and probably always will be! 

£8 gig tickets 

Finally, anyone mega young won’t believe me, but going to see your favourite bands play was really really cheap back in the day! Your favourite bands made their money from CD sales, and concerts / gigs were mega cheap as a result. I can remember Coldplay touring their first album and tickets being £8, same with no doubt when they came to the Uk during the tragic kingdom tour. Even a big band like Radiohead might have only been around £20! Bonkers to think about now! 

ok! Now it’s your turn! What 90’s trends are you still obsessed with?!