5 Makeup Hacks To Take Your Look From Day to Night

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5 Makeup Hacks To Take Your Look From Day to Night

After a long day of work, you may not want to change and reapply all your makeup for an evening engagement. However, this process does not have to become a chore. It can be as simple as applying a body glow product, taking your hair down and touching up your face. These are some makeup hacks to help.

Use Darker Foundation

If you cannot wash your face and redo your makeup before your evening, you should at least touch up your foundation. To start, use a finishing spray to prevent foundation separation and running. It gives you a strong foundation for the next layer.

Choose a darker shade of foundation, one slightly darker than your day foundation and skin tone. Be sure to blend it into your neck. Add concealer to diminish dark circles and blemishes. You can also dust on a layer of pressed powder to remove shininess.

Add Emphasis to Your Eyes

The best evening looks have dramatic eye makeup. Don’t worry about removing your day shadow because you can use it as a foundational layer for your evening look. Consider matte shadows for the most part. You don’t want multiple shadows with their own shimmer because they don’t blend well and can make your eyes look messy. Instead, focus on creating a clean, smoky eye.

If you don’t want to layer your shadow dramatically, consider adding a shimmering color that is a bit darker and richer than your day color. As you consider your Eye makeup looks, you can also add a cat-eye or winged liner look.

Apply Fake Eyelashes

To further enhance your eyes, add some drama to your lashes. Adding false lashes is a great way to do this. If you don’t wear fake lashes during the day, consider applying some in the evening. If you already wear day lashes, you can add, or stack, a second, more dramatic set over the top for greater emphasis during the evening.

If you do not want to wear false lashes, you can plump up and lengthen your lashes by using two types of mascara. Choose a mascara that adds volume to your lashes. Apply this mascara in the morning. As you prepare for your evening, apply a lengthening mascara. However, don’t apply it to your whole lash, just to the middle and ends. Keep your strokes smooth and even and avoid clumping. In this way, you can get the look of false lashes without applying them.

A Dramatic Lip Color

As you prepare for your evening, choose a lip color that will stand out. Start by using a lip lining pencil to fill in your entire lip. Do so after you apply a no-wax lip balm. The balm will moisturize your lips and a Patrick Ta lip liner can give you a great base for your lipstick. The lack of wax also prevents bleeding. Then, choose a dramatic lipstick.

Highlight and Bronze

To refocus attention onto the high points of your face and lift and brighten it, add highlighter. Focus on your cheekbones, brow line and upper jaw line. You can also add a bit of bronzer that makes your skin look sun-kissed.

It may take a few minutes, but choose high-quality products and test out these tips to give yourself an evening look.