What to pack for a motorhome holiday

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What to pack for a motorhome holiday

Motorhome holidays are a go-to for many holidaymakers. The flexibility of being able to travel across the UK and beyond without the need to book accommodation makes it a popular choice for lots of travellers looking for a new adventure. With the post-pandemic staycation crowds dropping, there’s never been a better time to support the UK’s tourism sector, wherever you decide to travel.

Plenty of families, couples and groups of friends are taking advantage of the upcoming Easter and summer holidays to set off on a road trip. If that’s you, here’s what you need to consider when it comes to packing,

Kitchen equipment

Having your own kitchen is a huge draw factor for many motorhome enthusiasts – and it makes sense to pack everything you need to make the most of it. The likelihood is that you’ll be eating out some nights but will spend a lot of time cooking and preparing your own food.

Consider travel pots and pans, plus any kitchen utensils you might need. Don’t forget salt, pepper and any seasoning you think will come in handy. Then, you’ll need glassware, cutleryand crockery to serve it – make sure there’s enough for everybody. Finally, it’s worth thinking about cleaning equipment, such as dish soap, sponges and scouring pads for washing up.

Other equipment you’ll want to think about includes:

Tin opener
Chopping board
Lighter or matches
Hand towel
Portable barbecue

Sleeping gear

Comfort is key when travelling in a motorhome. Take advantage of the fact you can bring all your favourite soft furnishings with you, from throws to pillows. Assess the sleeping areas and set them up so that they’re as cosy as possible. You’ll likely enjoy some downtime after a busy day of exploring, so you’ll be thankful for a comfortable napping area. Make sure any little ones bring their favourite soft toysto make it feel extra homely.


As with any trip away, you’ll need to dedicate time to sorting any admin or paperwork. For example, you should have motorhome insurance secured in advance so you can enjoy peace of mind while you travel. Be sure to have these papers handy.

On top of this, you should consider additional booking details and paperwork you might want to have at the ready, whether this includes tickets for an activity or instructions for your motorhome. You’ll need your driver’s licence as well.


Although a motorhome holiday is the perfect opportunity to escape those screens, they play an important role in facilitating the trip in a more practical sense. For example, you can search for local amenities, use navigation apps and enjoy electronic games together if the weather isn’t cooperating. That being said, it’s important to remember key pieces of electronic equipment such as chargers and batteries in a range of sizes.

Other electronic equipment you might want to consider includes:

USB cables
Power banks
Extension cords
Backup navigation systems

Other things to remember

Before you set off, you should always take time to plan your route. You never know when you might lose signal, so it’s worth bringing a map too. Some rural roads may not be suitable for motorhomes and it’s important to have a clear idea of where you need to go.

Other things to pack that might not have crossed your mind include a first aid kit in case of any accidents, as well as vehicle tools that might come in handy if the motorhome breaks down.




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