The benefits of becoming a beautician

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The benefits of becoming a beautician

Are you considering going into business as a beautician? You’re not alone. The industry has been growing rapidly over the last two decades and bounced back instantly after the pandemic pause. Other sectors in the retail industry such as food and clothing are trailing behind as consumers continue to prioritise health and beauty in their non-essential spending.

Discover the main benefits of becoming a part of this increasingly lucrative world.

Consistent demand

As evidenced by consumer spending trends, there is a consistent demand for beauty services. This means that you can be sure of steady interest, and therefore of steady income too.

Make your portfolio as wide-ranging as possible to capitalise on this demand. You can rely on regular income from repeat appointments such as haircuts and sunbed sessions and enjoy extra benefits from occasional one-off wellness treatments like wedding preparation packages.

You can specialise

Keeping your options open is advisable in the early stages of your career, but as you become more experienced you can take advantage of the chance to specialise in your favourite aspect of the job.

Being highly qualified in one area will help you to attract dedicated customers seeking quality while keeping your costs low and efficiency high. It could also make your day-to-day more enjoyable!

There are many avenues you could go down when deciding how to specialise. Options range from lash technician and makeup artist to facial and massage therapist.

Freelance opportunities

While there are advantages to working in a dedicated space, many people want the flexibility of a freelance career – especially in later life when there may be other demands on your time. As a beautician, you can choose to be salon-based, go from house to house, or do a mixture of both.

There’s plenty of portable equipment available to help you deliver beauty treatments on the go. Essentials include spray tan kits with pop-up tents and professional machines, salon-standard hairdryers in lightweight designs and a nail trolley with a choice of colours and styles.

Highly social

Lastly, being a beautician is a highly social career. Your daily routine involves a lot of conversation with customers of all ages and backgrounds who are united by an interest in beauty. This can help the time to pass more quickly and make every day different and could lead to lasting friendships!

You will also have plenty of opportunities to network during your career, especially when you’re starting. Many salons offer apprenticeship schemes where you can study for qualifications while gaining first-hand job experience. There’s also a wealth of beauty conventions that you can attend from lectures to expos.