Telesin neck mount review: hands free POV shooting

Telesin neck mount review: hands free POV shooting

Hello friends! Today I want to share my Telesin neck mount review: hands free POV shooting tripod. I am a blogger / influencer / content creator and I shoot alone with no photographer to help me. Most of the time, this is fine, but occasionally I want to take point of view photos and videos and it’s hard.

When I saw this product being advertised to me, I was instantly interested. It looked useful, easy and like it could save me a lot of time and effort. So after a few hundred targeted ads… I took the plunge! And now I’m going to tell you all about it! Friends, this is my Telesin neck mount review: for hands free POV shooting. Let’s go!

What does it do?!

The the Telesin neck mount review sits round your neck like a necklace. Your phone attaches to it and it is movable so you can create multiple shots easily. You can also use it in landscape and portrait mode. It enables you to shoot and film POV content which includes both of your hands.

It’s perfect for content like unboxings, crafting, cooking and B-role style content like typing or walking.

How does your iphone attach to the Telesin neck mount?

You have two options for attaching your iPhone to the Telesin neck mount tripod, either take your phone out of its case and the magnet attaches to your metal phone case. Or attach the magnet provided to your phone case.

Personally, I just skip my phone out of the iPhone case every time I use it, but you can attach the magnet to your case. Both work!

Is it safe?

Yes! It’s perfectly safe. I have used mine loads and the phone feels very securely attached to the neck mount, and the neck mount feels nice and safe around my neck. I’ve never had any issues with either.

However, it might not be safe if you have a pacemaker, as it does have a magnet on it. Something to think about! 

Telesin neck mount

Who is it good for?!

The Telesin neck mount tripod is perfect for small business owners, bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, crafters and social media managers. It enables you to shoot POV content with ease and use both hands. There’s no more fumbling to open a box with one hand, you can easily do it with both hands and capture it on camera. It’s also great for those with a side hustle

If your content is around crafting, cooking, baking, calligraphy, drawing, unboxings, nail art, gardening, or anything where you use your hands. It’s perfect for you!

Telesin neck mount review photos

Can you use it to take photos or is it just for filming?

You can use it to take photos and film. Just pop your phone in the holder, set a timer for a few seconds and boom! It will shoot a photo with both of your hands in frame. easy!

Telesin neck mount tripod review

Can you see your phone screen whilst you film / shoot your content?!

100% yes! This is the genius of it! You can see exactly what you are shooting as you shoot it, so you always know that your hands are in frame and your handiwork is being captured.

 What’s it not good for?! 

I’ve been this a lot and the only thing it’s not good for is filming larger activities. So, for instance, if you are wanting to show a cushion, you would be able to show yourself sewing frills around the cushion and stitching in the zip, but if you wanted to hold the cushion in you hand to show the final version, you might not get a good shot of it in its entirety. Same if you are doing an unboxing and you want to show larger items like clothing or a big handbag, then it might not work as well. 

Celf serum

what is it good for?! 

The telesin neck mount is amazing for so much content. For example: 

  • b-roll vlog / stories footage 
  • unboxings 
  • cooking tutorials 
  • baking tutorials
  • crafting 
  • ASMR videos 
  • crafting videos 
  • small business production shots 
  • ‘a day in the life’ videos 
  • nail art tutorials 
  • Tidy up with me videos 
  • organising videos 

Telesin neck mount review 

Ok!  So let’s do the a full Telesin neck mount review. You have probably guessed by now, I love this product! I’ve tried loads of different tripods and gadgets in my time and honestly, a lot of them are so much effort to set up, I end up not using them. Like gorilla tripod, everyone swore by these and I found the set up of them kind of annoying and long. Same with some of the selfie sticks, it was annoying connecting them to Bluetooth only to struggle to get the shots you want. 

where as the Telesin neck mount easy clips around your neck, then you literally go to your camera app and either click the timer button to take a POV photo, or click the film button to take POV footage. It honestly couldn’t be easier. 

As for attaching the phone to the mount, I usually just take my phone out of my case, but you can easily attach a magnet to your phone case if you prefer. And there is a magnet provided with the neck mount, so it’s not an additional purchase. 

the neck mount is really comfortable to wear, so you could easily wear it for ages whilst you craft or bake or whatever. And you could wear it throughout your day for any ‘day in the life’ footage you want too. 

I also really like the fact you can use it landscape or portrait and it’s super safe and secure, so you never worry that you are going to drop your phone. 

You can easily angle the mount, so that you can get everything from your feet walking, to your hands crafting, or your view in front of you. In almost all positions, you can see the screen so you know what the footage looks like. 

personally, I think this is a bit of a game changer of a gadget! I paid around £25 for mine from eBay – here’s the link! It’s quick and simple to set up from the get go, it’s easy to use and it’s fun. It gives you the kind of shots you wouldn’t normally be able to get alone and it just works. If you do anything like crafting, unboxings, cooking, gardening content, then it’s perfect for you. And if you do a lot of vlogs, it’s great for b-roll footage and honestly, it’s just pretty great to have as an option. 

I personally like buying kit which saves me time and makes my content better, and this does both at a great price! Highly recommended! 

shop it here! 

Thank you for reading my review! This post contains affiliate links. 


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