Radley London handbags: FIVE things you NEED to know!

Radley blue crossbody bag

Radley London handbags: FIVE things you NEED to know!

hello friends! Today I want to share five things you need to know about Radley London handbags. I have written about their bags before but I know people want to know more… so I thought I would share! Let’s go! 

Quiet luxury

‘Quiet luxury’ is the trend of the year, but I have a secret for you… a Hermes birkin really isn’t that quiet! Sorry! Chic? Yes! Beautifully made? Of course… but it’s not quiet! I’ve been noticing more and more than a lot of very wealthy women who don’t about about their privilege actually favour brands like Radley. Sorry to tell you this, but old money isn’t buying £20,000 handbags, because they are saving up the £100,000 they need for their roof repairs on their Manor Houses! So they go for brands like Radley which are timeless, well-made, great quality and affordable luxury. Read my full Radley London review here

Impeccable quality

Next time you pass a Radley London store or stockist, pop in and examine the quality of the bags. From the hogh quality leather to the stitching to the overall finish. They really do a great job of delivering great quality bags at a reasonable price. 

Radley London bags: Designer outlet store

Did you know Radley have a designer outlet store at Ashford designer outlet? I have been a number of times and it’s huge!!! Plus they have really beautiful styles from past seasons at great prices! It’s well worth a visit! 

Limited edition bags

Once in a while Radley do limited edition bags for special occasions, like their recent birthday or the Chinese new year. Generally these bags are only sold on their website, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on their site to see what’s new and exciting! Also, QVC have some great bags which are exclusive to them. So again! Keep an eye out! 

Radley blue crossbody bag

Designer collaborations

Finally, over the years Radley London bags have done some amazing collaborations with up and coming British designers as well as heritage brands. These have included the likes of Holly Fulton, Pashley, Beano, Sanderson, penguin and many more. It’s well worth keeping an eye out for these as they tend to sell out really quickly and be pretty collectible. I still regret not purchasing a Sanderson bag!

Thank you for reading my Radley London handbags: FIVE things you NEED to know! I hope this post was of help and interest! Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions! 

Radley blue crossbody bag