How to prepare for your GB road trip


How to prepare for your GB road trip

Embarking on a trip across Great Britain offers the perfectopportunity to explore the rich tapestry of landscapes, history and cultures that define this unique island. From the rugged coastlines of Cornwall to the serene beauty of the Scottish Highlands, a well-planned road trip can unfold into an adventure of a lifetime. But preparation is key to ensuring a smooth, enjoyable journey that balances spontaneity with safety and comfort. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

Choosing Where to Go

The UK is brimming with routes that offer something for everyone, whether you’re drawn to natural beauty, historical sites or vibrant city scenes. Of course, your itinerary will depend on your starting location as well as the time you have available. And it’s worth building in some additional time as a buffer, otherwise any weather or traffic delays may cause you to rush between stopping points. This might mean you fail to enjoy the various destinations to their fullest.

To give you some ideas, popular road trip destinations include the iconic landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales or the serene Norfolk Coast. And then there’s the spectacular North Coast 500 in Scotland or the dramatic scenery of the Atlantic Highway from Devon to Cornwall​​​​.

Pre-Journey Maintenance Checks

Whether you’re pootling around in a Peugeot, tackling the roads in a Toyota or setting off in something completely different, you need to ensure your vehicle is in prime condition to handle the journey. This includes checking the oil, coolant, tyre pressure, washer fluid and lights and indicators. You should also make sure it’s equipped for the season’s driving conditions while joining a roadside rescue service can provide peace of mind, especially for longer trips​​.

Planning Your Stops

The essence of a road trip lies in the freedom to explore, but some organisation and preparation can enhance the experience. Consider using route planning apps to discover hidden gems​​. Any accommodation should be booked in advance, especially in popular tourist spots, to avoid the hassle of finding a place to stay at the last minute​​.

Essentials to Pack

Packing for a road trip involves more than just clothes and personal items. Make sure to have all the necessary documents easily accessible, including car maintenance records, insurance details and emergency numbers. And an emergency travel kit is essential for handling any unforeseen situations on the road. This should include a high-visibility jacket, a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a blanket. Remember to pack items for comfort and entertainment during the drive, and consider the specific needs of your travel companions, whether they’re family, friends or pets​​.


By following these steps, you can ensure your road trip is memorable for all the right reasons.