How to create a Spanish-inspired kitchen

Spainish style kitchen

How to create a Spanish-inspired kitchen

Bring the flavours of Spain from your dishes to your design with these key elements of Spanish style. By introducing earth tones, rustic textures and characterful décor, you can infuse your kitchen with Spain’s warm and welcoming culture and a dash of Mediterranean flair. 

Use rich earthy colours

When you’re browsing luxury fitted kitchen options, choose designs that use rich earthy colours in the cabinets and countertops. Alternatively, you can keep the fittings neutral in cream or white and feature the colour on the walls and in the flooring.

Think of the sun-soaked landscapes of Spain when deciding your kitchen colour palette. This will bring to mind rich natural hues such as ochre, olive green, terracotta and deep red.

Incorporate natural materials

Emphasise the idea of the Spanish countryside by incorporating natural materials into the kitchen design. Rustic textures like grainy wood, clay and unpolished stone are essential to recreating an organic feel, echoing the classic beauty of a rural Spanish villa. 

Distressed beams across the ceiling paired with terracotta tiles or reclaimed stone flooring will instantly create a cosy farmhouse atmosphere. Exposed brick walls and wrought iron accents would go further to create this pastoral vibe. 

Add visual interest and a contemporary twist with handcrafted clay tiles between the countertop and cupboards that double as a wipeable backsplash.

Add traditional Spanish elements

Integrate traditional Spanish elements to enhance the authenticity of your revamped kitchen design. Certain features are particular to the country’s haciendas and are key to evoking serenity and joy. 

Consider installing a rustic fireplace with brick backing and a decorative mantel. You can go one step further and feature ceramic pottery along the top, and candles to enhance your evening atmosphere. More simply, handwoven textiles will serve as focal points while achieving a similar ambience. 

Do you prefer maximalism to minimalism? Pay homage to Spain’s culinary heritage by using your wall space to showcase traditional Spanish cookware such as cazuelas and paella pans and a rack with key spices like paprika.

Feature Mediterranean details

You don’t have to stick rigidly to the Spanish style – broaden this out to the wider area and feature Mediterranean details that blend nautical elegance with down-to-earth old-world charm.

Give contemporary cupboards a classic finish with decorative edging and plaster mouldings. Feature floral prints and Moorish-inspired motifs for depth and sophistication that’s still on theme. 

You can also hang vibrant tapestries and colourful paintings that depict coastal scenes or showcase modern patterns in Mediterranean shades. Adding a collection of ceramic plates to your wall décor will deepen the Spanish connection while celebrating the country’s rich artistic traditions. Woven baskets and placemats will help to tie these decorations in with the wider design.