How to Choose Timeless Specs

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How to Choose Timeless Specs

The experts have made it clear: eyeglasses will be a staple for more people as vision issues rise. As per a recent Statista survey, more than 77% of women and almost 70% of men in the UK wear some sort of vision correction device like glasses. This can be chalked up to rising incidences of eye conditions. For example, rates of shortsightedness are skyrocketing, with one in three Brits diagnosed with this ocular issue. This supports the World Economic Forum’s prediction that half the global population will need glasses by 2050.

That said, glasses are more than just tools for vision correction. They’re also accessories that you can use to further your self-expression. Of course, specs aren’t cheap, with the average pair costing around £100 each. As such, it pays to invest in glasses that not only satisfy your health needs but also your stylistic ones for many years. To find the best timeless glasses for you, here are some things to consider.


With all the new designs coming out, it can be tempting to buy glasses with trendy frames. However, it’s more important to think about whether this style will seem dated in the future. If the answer is yes, then that may discourage you from wearing it once newer, more timely styles hit the market. Instead, opt for prescription glasses with frames that utilise a more classic silhouette. Think Ray-Ban’s Aviators or Clubmasters, both of which have been style staples for decades. These feature versatile browline and tear-drop styles that are less likely to feel like passing fads since you can easily fit them into any wardrobe. Of course, it’s also essential to remember that timelessness can be subjective. So, if you’re the more eclectic sort, you may also find that something bolder, such as the brand’s oversized Mega Hawkeye, will stand the test of time. With frames such as these, you can confidently wear your glasses for as long as needed.



Glasses experience a lot of wear and tear, so it’s crucial for you to consider the materials they’re made of. Some of the most dependable materials today are metal and some form of plastic. In both cases, these can be moulded into various beautiful styles to suit your preferences. What’s more, they’re typically resistant to cracking, shattering, and sudden temperature shifts. Not only will the materials determine their longevity, but they will also influence how nicely they’ll hold up after years of use. If you’re willing, you can try choosing speciality materials. For example, Oakley offers specs made using their patented O-Matter materials. These are manufactured to be lightweight yet totally durable for both casual and movement-heavy days. While they may cost you a little more, this will be better in the long run as they’re less likely to need replacing. This is the same mindset behind our previous post on helping clothes last longer, which suggests splurging on quality, well-made pieces over cheap fast fashion.

How to choose the right glasses


Lastly, you want to look at fit. At the end of the day, how well a pair of glasses fits you will dictate how much you choose to wear them. That said, you might find that some glasses just don’t seem to flatter your face or sit how you like them to. In these cases, it’s easy to blame yourself. In reality, it’s simply because some brands have limited fit offerings. In line with this, try looking into brands with a more mindfully curated fit selection. For instance, both the aforementioned Oakley and Ray-Ban offer wide-fit specs. At the same time, some brands, like Kimeze, even design their eyeglasses to suit more specific face shapes. Many of their models were specifically made for Black individuals who may have nose profiles that are lower and a little wider. Specs designed with this inclusivity in mind ensure that you won’t have to settle for just any pair of glasses that you’ll end up not using or having to replace too soon anyway.