Happy Easter friends! (PS. Check out my Easter handbag!

Cadbury creme egg handbag vintage
happy easter friends!

It’s Easter Sunday!!! Did you have a good day? We did! We started the day with my partner heading to church whilst I prepped food and tidied for our friends coming out. We decided to host an Easter egg hunt for the children and then have some food… and of course… my Easter handbag haddddd to come out! So I thought I would do a quick post about it!

Cadbury creme egg handbag vintage

my Easter handbag

I got this handbag years agooooo, I think I was in my early 20s and it took me ages to hunt down. I used to wear it on a daily bases, but these days it only comes out for Easter. It’s pretty much the best handbag I own and I have a lot of Chanel bags! It is double sided, one side featuring the blue, yellow and red packaging and the other featuring the green, yellow and red packaging. If you open a Cadburys creme egg; you’ll see!

It’s made of coated canvas so it’s lasted years and still going strong and honestly, over the years, these bags have shot up in value! You used to be able to find these (occasionally!) for a fiver on eBay, and now I can only see them being sold for £45 and £55. I’m not gonna lie, it’s worth the money!

let’s talk fashion!

Fashion-wise, we have seen designer brands creating high end versions of similar items; for instance anya hindmarch with their cereal packet bags or crisp clutches or even their Heinz beans shoulder bags. Moschino also did some fun McDonald’s themed handbags with their happy meal bags and chip packet bags. All super fun!

Plus it’s proof that cool bags like this are fashion items and suitable for wearing with your fave clothes!

Anyway! Mary had a blast at the Easter egg hunt and I’m now shattered and watching the aristocats with her – make sure you check out my post on my fave toddler films. Yes, I know she should be in bed, but she had a late nap from all the excitement! What’s a girl to do!

Anyway, I’m so happy to show you my Easter handbag, I hope you love it as much as I do!

Cadbury creme egg handbag vintage


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