Four Of the Top Destinations for Adventurous Families


Four Of the Top Destinations for Adventurous Families

Choosing the right location for your next family holiday can seem a little daunting. Will everyone enjoy it? Is there enough to keep the kids entertained? Is it achievable with a larger family? These are all questions you might be asking yourself. But, with the world serving as a large playground for all thrill-seekers, there are plenty of destinations perfect for your adventurous family.

Time away with the family allows you to make lasting memories together, so take a look at the following five locations that promise excitement, exploration and brilliant adventure for all ages.

Croatian Islands

Head to Croatia to access over 1000 miles of stunning coastlines ready for your family to explore. In addition to the mainland’s abundance of beautiful beaches, Croatia is home to almost 80 islands, perfect for family activity holidays spent in the water.

The range that the Croatian Isles offer is suitable for families who like a variety of adventures. Choose to hop between a few, with small boat journeys running regularly, or stick to the one you like the sound of most. As an example, Cres is an island well-suited to families who love hiking, whereas Krk is home to large waterparks and sea-life centres.

The Pyrenees

Serving as the mountain range that spans across northern Spain and southern France, The Pyrenees are a well-kept secret when it comes to family holiday locations.

You and your family can immerse yourselves in the area’snatural beauty as you hike across the vast networks of trails that are catered to all skill levels. Take on white-water rafting along the region’s rivers and streams or try your hand at rock climbing via ferrata.

Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies stand as a feast for the eyes and serve as an endless opportunity for adventure for families. Not only is the awe-inspiring mountain range a haven for hiking families, but it’s also the perfect place for wildlife spotting and road trips.

Home to wolves, bears, grey owls and moose, the Rocky Mountains are sure to provide you with ample opportunities for wildlife discoveries. Ensure you take safety precautions if you are visiting without a guide, as there are ‘no stopping’ zones at certain times of the year due to high bear activity on the roads.

Italian Tour

Italy’s varied landscape, rich history and (of course) delicious cuisine make it a great destination for families wishing to experience all of what a country has to offer. Cross-country trains here are reliable and frequent, providing you with an exciting and different way to roam your holiday destination.

Indulge in gelato, pizza and pasta whilst uncovering the depths of the Roman history that remains in Italy today.

Whatever adventure you choose to embark on with your loved ones, remember to savour the moments as you create cherished memories together.