FIVE things you need to know about Sif Jakobs jewellery – REVIEW!

sif Jakobs jewellery

FIVE things you need to know about Sif Jakobs jewellery

Hello friends! Today I want to share a Sif Jakobs jewellery review! I am a big jewellery lover and I worked in the industry for about 8 years, so I’m a bit of an expert in the field – if I may say so myself! I am also a jewellery collector, of both vintage, costume jewellery, so I thought it was time I gave my honest opinion of Sir Jakobs high quality gold plated and silver jewellery. Let’s chat!!


It’s made of 100% precious metals

OK! let’s start with a little rant shall we?! I have noticed that a lot of jewellery brands these days are selling their designs at inflated prices because they are gold and silver plating cheap base metals like brass and stainless steel. They are often selling it for the same prices that solid silver and gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery is sold at and it honestly infurates me!!! Why?! because the plating is a very fine layer and if you wear the jewellery often, the plating wears off and you are left with a cheap discoloured brass ring which you have paid a small fortune for. Seriously, if you are buying gold or silver plated brass, you shouldn’t be paying much more than £10-15 for it, because that’s all it’s worth!

ALL Sif Jakobs is made from solid 925 silver and then either left as it’s natural silver tone or plated with real 18K gold. So you are being 100% precious metals which will last you a LONG time! Enjoy!

Also, as a side note, always check what gold and silver plating is plated onto, as some brands rely on the fact that their customers will just see ‘gold plated’ or ‘silver plated’ and assume from the price tag that it’s a high quality piece of jewellery, when it’s not.

sif Jakobs jewellery

Sif Jakobs jewellery is LOVED by celebrities

Sif Jakobs is an award winning jewellery brand who is loved by influencers and celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger, Shontelle and Pamela Anderson. Pretty amazing right?!


Sign up to their mailing list for 15% off your next order

That’s right!! If you sign up to their mailing list, you can get 15% off your next order! Which honestly, is really generous!! They don’t spam you with emails either, they send lovely emails which aren’t too frequent!

Their bridal collection is stunning – and it makes great gifts!

I love buying jewellery for brides and the Sif Jakobs bridal collection is one of the most beautiful bridal ranges I have every seen. It’s perfectly balances modern with classic, subtle with interesting. It’s perfect for a modern, fashion forward bride AND it can be integrated into your wardrobe for the rest of your life too. Check it out here! It also makes stunning bridesmaid gifts too!

sif Jakobs blue jewellery earrings hoops

Make sure you check out their rainbow and coloured stone pieces!

Finally, my personal favourite pieces from Sif Jakobs are the rainbow pieces and the coloured stones. These are so beautiful and playful, and I’ve not seen any other brand make anything like them. Their coloured stone ombre hoops are fabulous and I love all the rainbow pieces too! They add a splash of colour to your look and they are just so pretty and joyful, but also very subtle and chic! I love them! See them here!

Sif Jakobs review – worth the money?!

Finally, I just want to share a quick Sif Jakobs jewellery review with you. I have two of their necklaces and I absolutely love them. They came beautifully packaged, so they make a beautiful gift and each piece is made to a super high quality standard. They jewels in them are CZ and the chains are made of 18k gold plated silver, so I know they will last. They sit beautifully on the skin because it’s all got a really nice weight to it and it just hangs beautifully.

I think my only notes on the brand is that I’m a plus size woman and I had a big ol’ neck, and I would love some of the chains to be a tiny bit longer, it’s ok, but a little more length would be lovely. Of course I can always add a leader, but it would be nice to just have another centimetre, if I’m honest. Also, if you want to make any piece shorter, most of the jewellery has a clever leader-bead, so you can make piece sit a little short. Perfect for if you want to layer necklace and have them at very specific lengths.

Another thing I love about their jewellery is the tone of gold they use, it’s SO rich and lustrous – it’s the perfect shade! It looks beautiful on all skin tones and it perfectly compliments the coloured stones too. It’s stunning! I’m a big fan of the brand and I hope this post shares a little more information, so you can get to know them too! Also, if you are tempted to invest, then don’t forget to sign up to their mailing list for 15% off your order! enjoy!

Thank you for reading my Sif Jakobs jewellery review! Please let me know if you have any questions. This post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.

Sif Jakobs jewellery

sif Jakobs jewellery


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