Celf: the new beauty tool attachment need to know about!

Celf beauty tool

Celf: the new beauty tool attachment need to know about!

Hello friends, today I want to tell you about Celf, which is a new beauty tool, which attaches to a bathroom product you probably already own!  I’ve been testing out this product for a few weeks now and I’m legit impressed. If you are a fan of easy to use, effective products you can use at home, then this is for you! Let’s chat!

What is the Celf beauty tool?

The Celf beauty tool fits onto the Oral b iO toothbrush. Instead of buying a whole new beauty tool and cluttering up your bathroom further, you just invest in this one derma-head which you put on your toothbrush after you have finished cleaning your teeth and you use it for 2 minutes. Easy!

what you need

  • Celf tool
  • Oral b iO toothbrush
  • Celf Glide Serum

The serum and head are available to buy on the Celf website, the toothbrush can be bought from many places online, if you don’t already own one.

Celf beauty tool

Celf : how does it work

Celf is a non-invasive, epidermal and deep cellular micro-vibration skincare tool. It fits onto the Oral b toothbrush and works in around 1-2 minutes, so please note, you do need to own the toothbrush to make it work.

In simple terms for fools like me, the Celf tool (and toothbrush) uses tiny vibrations and tiny spikes to make your skin look fabulous! Think of it as a mini at-home version of Microneedling. Its completely non-invasive and a lot cheaper, but still effective.

The Celf tool works in multiple ways:

  • triggers increased cell mobility
  • increases the effectiveness of your skin care products
  • help improve lymphatic drainage
  • increases blood flow
  • increases oxygen and nutrients levels of the targeted areas
  • Boosts collagen

Celf : how to use

  • Use in the evening
  • Once you have cleaned your teeth, replace the toothbrush head with the Celf tool.
  • Rinse under water
  • Apply glide serum to the desired area
  • With super light pressure, move the tool in circular motions around the area(s) you want to target, for example eye area or smile lines.
  • use for 1 minute on each side. Any redness will be long gone by the morning. The tool should not be painful, if it is, you are pressing too hard.

Celf serum

My celf Review

Before we get started, I have never had any aesthetic skin treatments like Microneedling, peels, fillers or Botox because I’m too scared and too poor. I also have pretty dry, sensitive and irritable skin, and even though I know the results can be fantastic, I’m scared some treatments might be too intense for my skin to take. Whatever the reason, I’ve just never gone there.

That being said, I spend a lot of time looking after my skin and sometimes I want mini versions of the more invasive treatments, which I can do myself, have more control of and most importantly… afford! Which is why Celf is perfect for me. It costs £39.99 for the tool and 3 months supply of the glide serum, which is really reasonable. It also only takes 2 minutes, which even I, as a toddler mum, can handle!

If you are the opposite of me, and you love a more invasive skin treatment, then it might also be worth considering the Celf tool, as a daily mini treatment to keep your skin looking tip top between visits to their aesthetic doctors, and some have even found they have needed to visit less frequently with using the Celf tool tool.

Anyway, back to me! The idea of vampire facials and Microneedling scares the bejesus out of me. I’m just not that brave. Or rich. Maybe it’s just me and my irrational fear, but I just don’t want to spend my money getting jabbed with needles to look better – numbing cream or not, it’s just not my ideas of a great afternoon!

So, I love the fact that the Celf tool does a similar but smaller version, with no needles and no pain. It’s not painful or uncomfortable, it’s just a bit weird feeling and even though I have sensitive skin, I haven’t found it leaves me with any redness, and if it does, it’s so slight, it’s gone by the next morning.

I’ve been focusing on the eye area, however, I might move onto my jowls next to give them a bit of a lift. Then maybe onto my smile lines and then back to the eyes. So far, I’ve been really thrilled with the results. I find it really easy to use, it’s not painful at all and my eye area does look brighter, less puffy and lifted. I don’t do it every night (I know I should, but Mary is a lot of work!) and I’m really happy with the results! Now I just need to work on other bits of my face!

Thank you for reading my Celf: the new beauty tool attachment need to know about! Post. I hope it was of help and interest. This post contains press samples.


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