Top Ring Trends for Your Dream 2024

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Top Ring Trends for Your Dream 2024 

Whether you’re planning on popping the question or patiently awaiting a proposal, keeping up to date with the latest ring trends can be a great way to help you tackle the exciting challenge of choosing the right engagement ring.

With fashion and accessory trends constantly evolving, there are more options than ever before to suit the style of any bride-to-be. Be sure to take into consideration every element, from size and cut to the durability of the stone. But most of all, pick a design that you know you will both continue to love.

Here are some of the leading engagement ring trends that we believe will continue to dazzle and shine their way through 2024.

Antique-Inspired and Vintage Designs

A timeless option, vintage and antique-inspired designs will always be on trend. Art Deco styles, heavily influenced by geometric patterns and colourful gems, are known for their unique and bold designs.

If your partner is hoping for a ring to reflect theirextraordinary style, opting for a vintage look will certainly cater to their wants and needs. Take it one step further by exploring antique rings from an older jeweller. Not only do they make a statement, there is often more choice, allowing you to steer away from the modern classic; the white diamond.

Colourful Gemstones

Embrace the individuality of non-traditional gemstones by choosing a diamond alternative. Although diamonds are strong and hardwearing options, some might prefer their ring to stand out.

Many celebrities (and the Royal Family!) are choosing diamond alternatives for their engagement rings, opting for stunning stones such as sapphires, rubies and opals. Just make sure you understand the care and attention a precious stone requires when making the big decision!

Tot Et Moi Rings

The ‘you and me’ two-stone style has recently had a resurgence in popularity. Two stones set in the same band, the “tot et moi” placement is considered to be the most romantic engagement ring design. Designers will often use the birthstone of each partner to create this intimate arrangement, symbolising a connection of the souls.

Steeped in history, the design dates to the 18th century, when Napoleon Bonaparte presented his bride-to-be Josefine with aring combining a sapphire and white diamond.

Eco-Friendly Choices

In line with the increasing emphasis on sustainability in fashion and lifestyle, many couples are choosing rings crafted using sustainably sourced materials and recycled metals. We are seeing lab-grown diamonds gain popularity, as soon-to-be newlyweds opt to align their ring choice with their eco-conscious values.

As well as producing a much smaller carbon footprint, deciding on a sustainable engagement ring can provide the wearer with a deeper connection to the environment.

As you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect engagement ring for your significant other, be sure to consider these top trends for 2024. Embrace this opportunity to reflect the love you share for one another by choosing a ring that captures the essence of your relationship.