The Ultimate Fashion Statement Luggage For Kids

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The Ultimate Fashion Statement Luggage For Kids

When choosing kids luggage, consider age appropriateness, quality and durability, and personal style. You don’t want to purchase bags that are too large or cumbersome for your little one, even if you will be doing most of the lifting and carrying. Many children feel independent and proud to wheel around a piece of luggage that is all theirs. Today, there are so many options for kiddos. Therefore, consider a few factors when choosing a piece for your little one.

Fashionable Kids Luggage

The options for children’s luggage are about as expansive as they are for adult luggage. You can find backpacks, tote bags, and rolling suitcases that can work for any family trip or vacation. The best part is that some of these items serve double duty.

A backpack is the most versatile piece of luggage. Your child can use it for school during the week, and when they get home, empty it and repack it for a weekend getaway with mom and dad. While it may not be suitable for extended vacations, it is still something you might want to take for daily outings.

Tote bags are lightweight and cute. They are ideal for one-day outings but not really suitable for a weekend away or longer trips.

For longer vacations, you may want to invest in kids luggage with wheels. Roller suitcases come in various sizes and have plenty of room to pack several days’ worth of clothing and entertainment. Also, the cases tend to have hard shells that are more durable and can take the abuse.

Vibrant and Colorful

Adults love simplistic designs, often favoring monochrome color schemes in their luggage. Children are not the same. They often want their bags to express something of their personality. They often choose bags that are bold and colorful. When shopping for luggage for your children, look for bags in vibrant colors and patterns.

Also, consider baggage themes. Do your little ones like dinosaurs, unicorns, other animals, or cartoon characters? Look for luggage that uses those themes. Also, consider how your child can personalize their luggage with tags and stickers.

The Travel Buddy

Character-themed and shaped luggage can become exciting vacation or travel companions for your children. It is best to find characters in carry on luggage or backpacks. You can find one bag shaped like an octopus or another shaped like a bear. Character bags or travel buddies are ideal for items your child carries with them because they limit the risk of forgetting the bag when out and about.

Practical Meets Playful

An ideal piece of children’s luggage is fashionable, practical, and playful. You want to find pieces corresponding to your child’s interests and fashion sense. For example, if your little girl loves moody colors and sports, buying a bright pink suitcase with princesses is not the right choice. Also, look for bags that have easy-to-maneuver wheels, are durable and lightweight, and provide organizational compartments.

Fashion statement luggage for kids refers to any luggage that fits their personality and highlights their interests. If you want help finding the right luggage for your children, contact a luggage manufacturer or retailer.