Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review!

Jo Malone rose amber perfume cologne
Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review

Hello friends! Today I am going to do a Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review! I am so excited about this limited edition fragrance as I adore Jo Malone’s rose fragrances; Red Roses is one of my all time favourites and I adore Velvet Rose & Oud too. It’s fantastic and don’t even get me started on the beautiful bottle too! Let’s chat!

What does Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne smell like?

Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne contains primarily notes of clove, rose and amber.

Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review!

Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review

Oh my goodness! Where do I start with this perfume?! It’s pure rose perfection! I always say; Jo Malone nail a rose-based fragrance and this is no exception!

Jo Malone Rose Amber opens with a sharp spicy note of clove and very quickly warms up with soft sensual rose, it really reminds me of a rose de Mai, with a little more punch! It’s powdery and has a real ‘balletcore’ vibe to it. It beautifully mingles with the resinous amber notes which are rich, warm, slightly sweet and almost honey-esque!

It reminds me a little of a bridge between Red Roses because it’s got the rose and honey accords, however, it’s more of a vintage, opulent and more powdery rose and the spicy and resins give it more of an evening-feel.

It also reminds me a little of Velvet Rose & Oud, but in place of the oud, you have more spicy amber notes. And it’s a different type of sweetness; less Turkish delight, more honey and warmth. It’s also got a slightly masculine feel to it with the clove, which I really like as it balances out the powdery rose and the honey accords. As for longevity; just like Red Roses and Velvet Rose & Oud, Rose Amber also lasts really well on the skin.

In terms of fragrance combining, I would personally pair this one with Wood Sage & Seasalt for a slightly more coastal, day time vibe and to give it a saltiness. I would also give it a go with Myrrh & Tonka to add to the richer, darker notes but add a creaminess. And perhaps with Cardamom & Mimosa to add to the exotic and spicy feel it already has!

For me, Jo Malone London Rose Amber is an evening fragrance and I could also see it being fabulous for the festive season too! I hope we see this fragrance again; either as a limited edition again in the future, or as a member of the permanent collection! It’s wonderful!

Thank you for reading my Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review! I hope this post was of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions!

Jo Malone ‘Rose Amber’ Cologne review!