Is LoveHoney packaging discreet?! + 20% discount code!

Is LoveHoney packaging discreet? Plus 20% discount code
Is LoveHoney packaging discreet?!

hello friends! Today I want to share the thing you really want to know… Is LoveHoney packaging discreet?! It can be tricky shopping at places like LoveHoney, especially if you are in a shared house or you live with your parents. Or maybe if you get your post delivered to work, it can be a little, cough cough, sensitive!  So today we are going to look at how discreet LoveHoney packaging is and if their plain packaging promise is really as plain as they promise! And I have a 20% love honey discount code for you too! Let’s chat!

Love honey packaging

how does Love Honey show up in your inbox?

ok! So before we chat about the packaging, I just want to talk about the order confirmation and how it will show up in your inbox. This is probably the least discreet part of the order process; it shows up in your inbox with ‘love honey order confirmation’. There’s no hiding it, so if you are ordering at work or have a family shared inbox, then you might want to delete it pronto! But let’s be honest, most of us have our own inboxes so it’s all good! I’m just giving you a heads up!

How does a Love Honey order show up on your bank statement?

Ok! Next up! We need to talk about how love honey shows up on your bank statement. This is where things start to get discreet. It simply shows up as ‘LH Trading’. Nice and discreet, well done LoveHoney! If anyone does see it, it could be easy to explain as an independent clothes shop or craft company or even a restaurant. Easy!

What is Lh trading

Love honey plain packaging review

Is LoveHoney packaging discreet?!

So finally! Let’s talk about how discreet LoveHoney packaging is. Well I am pleased to tell you it is very plain and brand-free. The only tell-tale sign is ‘LH Trading’ in the top corner. Other than that, you would never know!

You could easily get your Love honey order delivered to your work and say ‘oh great! My supplements are here! I’ll open these when I get home!’. Easy! In fact, the ‘LH trading’ in the corner could actually be really handy for knowing that’s the package you need to whisk away! There’s literally no other branding, or tape or any sign that it’s a love honey order. Is lovehoney packaging discreet? Yes it it!

Get a 20% discount code for love honey!

If you want to treat yourself to something at love honey, then I’m so happy to be able to give you a 20% love honey discount code! It’s super easy, all you have to do is input BBLFL at the checkout in the promo code box and 20% will automatically come off your order. This discount code can be used in conjunction with any freebies love honey pop into your basket (which they often do!) and free shipping, which you qualify for if you spend over a certain amount!

So if you fancy bagging a love honey discount code, just input BBLFL to get 20% off! Thank me later!!!

Watch my video!

Can I trust love honey?

yes! Love honey are a trust worthy brand, in fact they have over 200,000 trust pilot reviews! I know traditionally people have been worried about putting their bank / card details into certain websites, but love honey are a brand you can trust!

Thank you for reading my post! I hope I have answered your question on Is LoveHoney packaging discreet?! And I hope you also enjoy the 20% love honey discount code too (it’s BBLFL). Let me know if you have any questions!


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