How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

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How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Winter is finally drawing to a close – which means that gardeners across the country will be making their final preparations for a period of growth and abundance. Getting those preparations right can make a big difference to your success over the coming year. But what form should those preparations take, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Have a Clean

For your garden to thrive, it’ll need to be cleaned up. Any materials which you don’t need should be removed. This means dead leaves and plant debris, as well as pots that haven’t survived the winter intact.

Clearing out the Shed

Your garden shed is an important hub for all of those essential tools. Neglect it, however, and cobwebs will start to accumulate. Set aside a few hours to go through the space and get it into order. In doing this, you’ll make life much easier in the long term.

Plant Seasonal Bulbs

There are certain seeds and bulbs that take a little longer to grow. By getting them into containers now, you’ll provide the head-start needed for them to arrive in the middle of spring. Plan everything properly, and the result will be a garden that’s rich in vibrancy and colour. At this time of year, it’s summer-flowering bulbs like gladioli that we should be focussed on. Your choices should be informed by the makeup of your space, and by your personal tastes, too.

Add comfort

In the coming months, you’ll be busy tending to the living, and growing elements of your garden. Now is therefore an excellent time to think about furniture and other comforts. A little bit of investment can really transform your outdoor living space, and make it that much more pleasant to spend time in.

Chairs and tables can provide a hub for social and dining activities; outdoor lights can help the fun go on throughout those long summer nights. It’s also worth thinking about the space underfoot: a new patio is a major project, but you might perform maintenance on decking and other timber elements to keep it in good condition throughout the coming year.

Embrace the Environment

If you share the environmental concerns of wider society, then why not have this reflected in your gardening choices? You might let certain parts of your garden grow wild and free, providing a haven for local wildlife while providing a valuable source of compost.

Investing just a little bit in a composter and a rain butt can provide a wonderful source of food and water for the plants in your garden, and save you significantly in materials in the long term. Your garden will be cheaper to run. But, not only that, it’ll also be more environmentally sound.