How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Spring


How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Spring

Spring is (finally) in the air, which is a fantastic feeling after a long winter. To embrace this special time of the year, you might want to consider decorating your bedroom so that you can create a bright, fresh, and appealing space for the new season. This post will provide you with some decorating inspo for a revitalized spring bedroom.


Spring is a season all about brightness, so you will want to carefully consider the lighting. You will want to move away from dim and dark pendants, instead opting for brighter lampshades – floral prints can extend the spring feeling across the room and add colour and visual appeal to your bedroom. Additionally, be sure to allow plenty of natural light to cascade in through the room during the day.

Colour Palette

Spring is a season all about colour and life, so you want to reflect this with your bedroom colour palette. Opt for lighter, bright colours as opposed to heavier tones – pastels can be an excellent choice for this time of the year. Green, yellow, and pink are all colours typically associated with spring and can work well in the bedroom. If too much colour isn’t your thing, introduce it in small doses with colourfulaccessories.


Spring is also a time of year when the weather begins to improve. With the temperature getting warmer, swapping out your heavier duvets and quilts for lighter options is advised. You should also consider breathable fabrics like linen, which can make sleeping much more comfortable during warmer months.


Embrace the season of spring by introducing house plants or flowers to the bedroom. As well as providing an array of colour and introducing aspects of the outdoors inside, it could even boost your mood. Just make sure that you know how to look after them – a dying bouquet is not the same as a fresh bunch of daffodils!

In addition to this, you can use botanical scents and earthy tones to bring the outdoors in and embrace nature.


Many people will spring clean their homes around this time of year, which is an excellent idea as it can provide a much-needed change in your home. Decluttering can also benefit your mental health, allowing you to think more clearly.

In terms of the bedroom, you will want to declutter and get rid of anything that does not have a place there. It’s also worth going through your wardrobe and getting rid of clothing you no longer wear (you could sell these online for some extra cash).

The change from winter to spring is a significant and noticeable one, so you will want to embrace this time of the year with a new look in your bedroom. After many months of colder days and darker nights, it is a great feeling to welcome in spring with its colour, life, and freshness.