How to curate a luxury style

Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody?

How to curate a luxury style

‘Luxury’ is a phrase that’s frequently used in the world of fashion. In short, it signifies wealth, exclusivity and sophistication. What one person views as luxury won’t translate to another’s view. And arguably, there’s a scale when it comes to luxury.

For example, the term ‘quiet luxury’ has created a stir online in recent years. Characterised by stripped-back and minimal aesthetics, while tapping into quality materials, it’s an iteration of luxury that’s anything but showy. Meanwhile, others will prefer more indulgent and opulent looks.

Regardless of how you prefer to interpret ‘luxury’, here are some tips for making your style more sophisticated.


It may seem simple, but sizing is key. An ill-fitting t-shirt will stand out instantly, making your outfit look less put together. There’s a reason why celebrities and runway models work closely with tailors. If you have a tailor nearby, it could be worth a visit to tie up any loose ends when it comes to your clothing. You might want to hem your trousers or even build shape into a garment, perhaps by adding shoulder pads to a lifeless blazer.

In the meantime, work on getting the sizing as close as possible when you buy garments – don’t be afraid to try several items on so you find the perfect fit. You can always ask the retail assistants to help you out.


Accessories can be key – and especially if you’re opting for a more minimal, luxury look. They can add character and you can establish themes across an outfit, whether with a touch of gold using jewellery or by playing around with colour. Don’t be afraid to look for second-hand gems either. A second-hand Rolex can add some flair and allow you to get classic designs for less. Alternatively, you can get quality belts, sunglasses, bags and more from a range of designers when you buy second-hand.


Steer clear of fast fashion and invest in staples you’ll wear time and time again. The ‘cost per wear’ mindset is a good one to follow when justifying investment purchases. They’re more likely to be made ethically using skill and precision, which is everything that luxury stands for. Quality over quantity, every time.

Find your colours

Many people have discovered the intriguing art of colour analysis. This is where you can work out the ideal colours and tones to match your appearance, taking into account hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. If your wardrobe is made up of a more cohesive colour palette, you’re more likely to be able to pull outfits together that feel chic and cohesive. There are plenty of guides online to help you establish yours.

Proper care

Caring for your clothes will not only help them last longer, but they’ll also make you look more refined. A few times a year, take the time to audit your wardrobe and do basic tidying tasks. You might sew a button back on, use a de-bobbling machine on your knitwear or cut any loose threads. In some cases, you should take items to the dry cleaner or a professional tailor.


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