Fashion obsession: Samantha Pleet

Fashion obsession: Samantha Pleet

Hello friends! Today I need to show you some amazing items from fashion designer; Samantha Pleet. I found her amazing work on Instagram and I am now saving up to own a piece… so I thought I’d share the brand with you too… in case you want to do the same! Who knows; maybe we can both buy a piece and match?! Anyway! Samatha Pleet makes amazing items and I can’t wait to show you her iconic rose designs! This is just a small selection of what she does, so check out her website for more!

Samantha Pleet body suit  3d roses

size inclusively

Samatha Pleet is a size inclusive brand which caters up to a size UK 26 and US 22. So if you love something and you want it, then rest assured, you can have it! There’s also a size chart on the website if you want to check!

Rose & Thorn collection

Samatha Pleet makes lots of beautiful garments in fantastic prints; many of which inspired by nature, museums and the whimsical world. But her most loved pieces are her 3D rose and thorn designs. These aee fantastic and definitely my favourite pieces! I’m honestly tempted to buy one as a wedding dress!!! Aren’t they amazing!

Anyway! Enjoy the collection, check out the website and if you love brands like this, then you should also check out this post on Joanie, Selkie and Sister Jane! Enjoy!

Samantha Pleet dresses 3d roses Samantha Pleet dresses 3d roses Samantha Pleet bag 3d roses Samantha Pleet dresses 3d roses