5 Tips To Style Lingerie For Valentine’s Day

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5 Tips To Style Lingerie For Valentine’s Day

Lingerie has long been associated with Valentine’s Day. A lacy bra is a popular choice for date night outfits on this special occasion. The latest fashion trends go beyond underwear to styling lingerie as clothing. Here are five tips for showing off lingerie on Valentine’s Day.

Bralette as an Accessory

A stylish piece such as the Everyday Lace Full Coverage Bralette stands out as an accessory. Bralettes offer all of the comfort of a wireless bra with a longer profile and less structure.

The textured border of a lace style can be eye-catching whether you choose to wear a bralette alone or as a layer. Bralettes are typically longer than standard bras, which makes this type of lingerie ideal to wear on a romantic outing.

Corset as a Top

Corsets originated as constrictive underwear for creating a fashionable silhouette under dresses. Since the 1970s and 1980s, corsets have increasingly been styled as tops. A corset could be the perfect vintage look to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Make sure that a corset fits comfortably and does not constrict your breathing. Many corsets have adjustable lacing or straps to allow for a perfect fit. Based on your preferences, you can choose from corsets with straps or strapless designs.

High Waisted Briefs as Shorts

The spring and summer 2024 fashion shows featured numerous examples of briefs and other styles of underwear worn as shorts. High-waisted briefs are another vintage style that you can comfortably wear when spending time at home with your romantic partner or sport as a daring look when going out.

A trendy way to style briefs is to wear this lingerie under a dress or skirt that is made of sheer or mesh material. You can decide whether to match your bra and underwear or choose contrasting pieces to draw even more attention to a lingerie-forward look.

Show a Little Lace

Lace bras are classic lingerie. Whether you wear a shirt or dress with a low neckline that lets the lace on a bra peek out, style a bra on its own or layer a lace bra under a sheer top or dress, there are many ways to showcase the romantic look of lace.

You can choose from lace bra styles for different shapes, including lace T-Shirt bras, Uplift Plunge bras, wireless bras, bralettes or lace sets. Lace underwear is synonymous with lingerie, and looks that feature this material can be ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Wear a Warm Coat

If you decide to wear visible lingerie on Valentine’s Day, you might want to pair your outfit with a warm coat. In addition to keeping you cozy in mid-February, the contrast offered by the full coverage of outerwear emphasizes the revealing look of lingerie.

These styling tips can be useful whether you plan to only wear lingerie or layer these pieces under a date night outfit. No matter how you choose to show off the latest trends in intimate apparel on Valentine’s Day, you can keep wearing stylish bras and underwear year round.