5 European Cities You Have to Visit


5 European Cities You Have to Visit

Europe is a fascinating, beautiful, cultural, and historic continent that everyone in the US should visit at least once. Europe is built up of many countries and prominent cities, all of which have their own distinct history and personalities. So, where are some of the best countries to visit in Europe? It is hard to narrow it down, but here are five cities that every traveler should visit.


The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a stunning city that has incredible sights throughout. Known for its striking Gothic architecture and cobbled streets, Prague has highlights, including Prague Castle, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, and Charles Bridge. It is also a cultural city with lively nightlife, great beer, and hearty food. It is the kind of place that you can explore simply by wandering the streets, making it an excellent travel destination.


Venice – known as the floating city – is quite unlike any other city on the planet. Found in northeast Italy, Venice is built entirely on waterways, creating a unique, dream-like feel with the ability to get around on a gondola. Venice is also home to some of the finest museums in Europe and features incredible Byzantine architecture, such as St. Marks Basilica. As you can imagine, Venice is a romantic city and a great place for a couples getaway.


Speaking of romance, it is hard to beat the City of Love as a travel destination on a trip around Europe. Frances capital has many iconic highlights, including the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, the Louvre Art Museum, and the Notre Dame medieval Cathedral. Paris is also a great place for simply wandering the streets, popping into cafes for coffee and croissants, and people-watching.


If you are craving sunshine, then you have a number of options in Europe. Santorini is one of the best destinations as it offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure with a gorgeous climate. The Greek Island is perched on top of dramatic cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea with pretty whitewashed villages where you will find some of the finest seafood restaurants in the world. Santorini also has black sand beaches, allowing you to kick back and soak up the sun when you are not exploring.


For somewhere completely different but equally magical, Reykjavik is a fantastic travel destination. The capital of Iceland is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, including the Golden Circle. The city itself is home to the legendary Blue Lagoon and has a lively nightlife scene and street art culture to discover.

It is hard to pick just five cities in such a large, diverse, and beautiful continent, but these five destinations showcase the best of Europe. Each place has its own distinct character, history, geography, and culture, so you are sure to have an amazing time exploring each place.