Top 5 Uses for Your New Garden Room

Top 5 Uses for Your New Garden Room

Hello friends! Today I want to share Top 5 Uses for Your New Garden Room. Which is also my way of telling you I’m planning on adding a garden room into our property! As you know, we have a beautiful big garden filled with apple trees and flowers and I love spending time out there, but I also have fair skin and a toddler with equally fair skin so I need to be mindful on not spending too much time in the garden with her. I feel like a garden room could be a wonderful way to give us more living space and live our best lives outside! Let’s chat!!

Garden Lounge

First up! I love hanging out in the garden with our toddler, Mary and it would be so lovely to have a garden lounge so we can escape the sunshine, play games and do jigsaws and craft in. It would also be lovely on a summers evening after we have dinner outside and shelter from the cold nights’ air before we go indoors for the night. Wouldn’t a garden lounge be lovely?!

Home office

Next up! A garden room would make a great home office! Especially for my partner on days when Mary and I are being noisy and my partner is on a conference call. Plus when he really needs to focus, it would be a really great distraction-free place for him to work.

Painting studio

A garden room would make the most amazing painting studio! If you love to create, I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting to get imaginative! You could use it for painting, crafting, sculpting or even for a small creative business like tee-shirt printing, dog grooming or a nail art studio. The world really is your oyster with a garden room!

Guest bedroom or Airbnb apartment

If you have a spectacular garden, you could make your garden room into an amazing guest bedroom! It could be so cute and cosy with a view of the stars at night and flowers in the day time! A gorgeous place for you to invite your friends to stay on holiday! And you never know, you could always turn it into an Airbnb apartment to make a little extra money, especially if you live in a tourist friendly area like Cornwall!

Home Gym

Finally, what could be more motivating than a home gym in the garden! You could set up a big screen tv, a fridge full of drinks and do a workout without a commute to the gym or queues for the best machines! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Thank you for reading my post on Top 5 Uses for Your New Garden Room. I hope it was of help and interest to you and if you have any others on how to use a garden room, let me know!