Top 4 Reasons Why Transition Lenses Are A Good Investment

Transition lenses

Investing in Transition Lenses: An Updated Guide

In recent times, innovation and novelty have accelerated in the world of eyewear. New technologies are propping up everywhere that not only help people see better but also offer additional benefits. From UV protection to anti-scratch and anti-glare features, the 21st-century eyeglasses are infused with an array of advantages. 

One of the most remarkable eyewear marvels has been photochromic or transition lenses. These are high-performance and advanced lenses that react with the UV rays of the sun to darken under sunlight and become clear under standard light conditions. If you are looking to invest in transition spectacles but are confused about their benefits and relevance, this post is just for you!

What Are Transition Lenses?

To begin with, let us clear the air by understanding that Transitions is a brand name and photochromic is the generic name of the technology on which transition lenses are based. However, many a time, people use these two terms interchangeably to mean glasses that darken under sunlight and become transparent under standard light conditions.

The inception of transition or photochromic lenses happened because of necessity. For a long time, people wearing standard prescription spectacles struggled to switch between their usual glasses while indoors and sunglasses when outdoors. Typical prescription spectacles offer refractive correction but not UV protection or safety from the sun’s harsh glares. Thus, if you use them, you have to constantly switch to your sunglasses when outdoors.

However, transition glasses remove this hassle by turning into tinted sunglasses as soon as you enter the sun. When exposed to sunlight, photochromic lenses change from a clear lens to a dark-tinted lens within a few seconds. Thus, your prescription spectacles double up as sunglasses within seconds.

The Technology Behind Transition Lenses Work?

The lens of photochromic glasses is synthesised with molecules of silver halide. When these molecules come in contact with the sun, they undergo a chemical reaction that causes the lens to change colour.

The chemical reaction facilitated by sunlight compels the molecules of silver halide on the lenses to expand in size and change their orientation. The tint of the lenses is not permanent and it becomes clear within a few minutes of getting indoors or to a place with minimal sunlight.

Now that we know what transition lenses are and how their technology functions, let us understand if these glasses are the right investment.

Are Transition Lenses Right for You?

Transition lenses are an excellent investment if the following situation resonates with you –

1. Convenience

If you have refractive errors, such as myopia or hyperopia, and you wear prescription glasses indoors and then switch to prescription sunglasses or usual sunglasses while outdoors, then transition lenses are a great investment. One pair of glasses will double up as both a prescription eyeglass and sunglass, depending on the lighting conditions.

2. You Want to Deal With The Problem of Squinting

People naturally squint their eyes under sunlight to protect their sight. However, some people develop the habit of excessive squinting owing to light sensitivity or other issues. This can lead to tiredness, headaches, eye rubbing and even more prominent wrinkles under your eyes. If this situation is relatable to you, then transition lenses are a good investment, as whenever you are under sunlight, your glasses will automatically darken and the squinting will reduce.

3. You Want to Save Money

If you are looking to save some money on your eyewear, transitions are a great option. You do not have to purchase separate prescription spectacles and sunglasses. One pair of eyewear will serve dual purposes, and you end up saving your hard-earned money.

4. You Frequently Lose Your Glasses

Some people are naturally forgetful. If you have the habit of losing your glasses, then having two pairs – a prescription eyeglass and prescription sunglasses can aggravate the problem. The chances of losing or misplacing your eyewear increase. Having one pair of transition glasses makes it easier on you.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the top four reasons why transition lenses are right for you. Within the eyewear world, transitions truly stand out as a technological marvel. They are an excellent investment because they help you save money, offer convenience, and protect your eyesight too.