Scarlett & Jo dress review: The most flattering dresses ever?!

Scarlett & Jo dress review
Scarlett & Jo dress review: The most flattering dresses ever?!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a Scarlett & Jo dress review with you! This is my second Scarlett & Jo dress and I have to be honest, they are SO flattering! They are literally magically dresses like no other! I have SO many thoughts on their dresses and I’m excited to get into it today with you! Let’s chat!

Scarlet & Jo dress review

Scarlett & Jo: the silhouette

Scarlett & Jo are known for their iconic and super flattering silhouette. Their signature shape is a beautiful wrap v-neck bust which leads into a thick and sculpting waistband with a demi-full skirt. There’s usually an angel or 3/4 length sleeve and they tend to favour a midi or maxi length. There are variations of this silhouette to be found in their collection, but this is their iconic signature shape which dominates their collection and the style I’m wearing, so this is the silhouette my post will focus on!

It’s the perfect feel-good silhouette; a covered upper-arm, with a pulled in waist at the perfect height, a skirt which flows over the fullest of hips and a wrap bust which makes your boobs look lifted and full. Oh and there is a tiny shoulder pad so you are perfectly squared off which makes so a subtle but gorgeous finish. If you want a dress to feel confident in… this is it!

Can we talk about my boobs for a moment? My bust is fairly ample, but after I had a baby, they got much saggier and lost their fullness. I could wear bras which add back the fullness and hoist them up, but frankly, I can’t be bothered. So it was a pleasant surprise when I realised this dress gave my boobs great support, lift and just generally put them in a good position. I appreciate that! Plus, if you look at the pictures, they are hoisted up nicely, but they aren’t too ‘on show’ either.

As for size inclusivity, their dresses go up to a size 32. Which is really impressive!

Scarlet & Jo dress review

Scarlett & Jo dresses: Prints & fabrics

Once you have fallen in love with the Scarlett & Jo silhouette, you can have fun choosing your perfect prints and fabrics!

For dressier evening occassions, they have some stunning lace and velvet dresses in black and rich jewel tones. Which are absolutely beautiful! And for the day, they have lots of chiffon dresses which come in an array of colours and prints. Personally, I think these can be dressed up or down and could be worn on a summer’s day for lunch with a friend or dressed up to wear to a wedding. Whatever works for you!!

Also, shout out to the leopard print dress which is really really cool and on sale! NGL. I’m tempted!

Scarlett & Jo size guide: should I size up or down?

Personally, I think the Scarlett & Jo sizes are really true to size, so order your regular size. However, if you are between two sizes, I would advise you to size down rather than size up.

They are also great if your weight fluctuates because the hips are fairly free, the bust is a wrap and the sculpting waist band has stretch. So if you are someone who yo-yo’s a lot, then this could be a perfect option for you!

As for shapewear, I would honestly say you don’t need to; this dress is so flattering and beautiful, you don’t need it! Plus the thick waistband really pulls you in where it matters and then rest just skims over you.

Wedding guest dresses

If you are plus size and going to a wedding this summer then give this post a bookmark! Trust me, you will be glad you did!

Scarlett & Jo dresses are the perfect curve and plus size wedding guest outfit; their dresses fit beautifully and are super flattering; plus, they are formal enough for a wedding and super comfortable to wear all day long. Plus, they photograph like a dream, so if you are in any photos, you know you’re gonna look great! They have some beautiful floral prints which are perfect for summer weddings, and the darker florals and velvet dresses are ideal for winter weddings.

Scarlett & Jo dresses: worth the money?

In my opinion; Scarlett & Jo dresses are 100% worth the money. Most of their dresses retail for around £95, but you can get lucky and find them on sale on their website from around £32, which is an absolute steal.

Scarlett & Jo dress review

Scarlett & Jo dress review

It’s probably pretty obvious by now, but I love Scarlett & Jo dresses. I think they are absolutely brilliant and an essential purchase for plus size babes.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but they have nailed it with this dress; the silhouette highlights all our curves without it being too revealing, and it also skims over the bits we might want to conceal; like upper arms and hips.

Plus, it SO comfortable to wear; the fabric feels good on your skin and you feel like you have freedom to move when you wear it. Plus there’s honestly no need to wear shapewear with these dresses. The wrap detail at the bust gives your boobs a little extra lift and shape and the thick elastic waistband truly does sculpt the waist (comfortably!) and then the skirt skims your hips so you don’t need any there either. I’m not kidding! These dresses are magic!

As for price, most Scarlett & Jo dresses are around £95, with the more luxe-y velvets being around £125. However, if you are low on budget, you can find some on sale for around £32 and upwards which is honestly the biggest bargain ever!

Personally, I think these dresses are worth every penny, and if you are off to a wedding and worried about what to wear, Scarlett & Jo dresses could save you a lot of anxiety. I think we all know how hard it can be to dress for a wedding, but it’s a LOT harder when you are plus size, and I can’t recommend these dresses enough! And they aren’t just great for formal occasions, you could easier wear them in the summer to work, dinner with friends or even on holiday! They are amazing!!!

Finally, if you are like me and you want to do a spot of girl-math, then think of it this way… a pretty basic fast fashion dress can easily cost you £50 and new shapewear around £30-40 on top of that. Which is basically the same as a Scarlett & Jo dress, which I promise will look nicer and feel more comfortable too! And if you are looking for a luxury or designer dress then you could easily spend over £100 or £200, making a S&J dress cheap in comparison (I recently bought this one which was £150). As for the sale dresses… they are basically free!

ta da! And there we have it! My Scarlett & Jo dress review! I hope you love it! I’m sure if you know their dresses already, you will be nodding along and if you don’t, I’m SO happy to introduce you to them!
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Scarlett & Jo dress review