Mulberry x Mira Mikati : the colourful bags you need!

Mulberry x Mira Mikati bags Tote bag handbag review

Mulberry x Mira Mikati bags

Hello friends! Today I want to share the amazing new Mulberry x Mira Mikati. This collection celebrates the year of the dragon and the capture collection features all the top quality leathers and colours you would expect from the two iconic brands! I’m so excited to show you! Happy Lunar New Year! 

shop the collection here! You’re gonna love it! 

The Year of the Dragon 

In Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon is associated with strength, courage, and good fortune. People born in this year are believed to possess characteristics such as intelligence, ambition and enthusiasm. It’s a great year to born! The next year of the dragon will not be for another 12 years. The dragon is a powerful and mythical creature, symbolizing success and prosperity.

This limited edition collection is a lovely way to commemorate the year with a special piece of investment fashion. 

Mulberry mira Mikati

Mulberry x Mira Mikati 

Mira Mikati is a Lebanese-born, Paris-based fashion designer known for her super playful and brightly coloured designs. It’s instantly recognisable and whilst it’s fun and vibrant, it’s also very well-considered and chic. A favourite brand of the fash-pack! 

On the flip side, Mulberry are a heritage British brand known for their super chic and timeless designs. The are famed for classic bags like the Bayswater, Lily, Alexa and totes, which last for decades and never go out of style. I love Mulberry for their classics, but it’s always so exciting when we see them inject a little fun into their designs! I think this Mira Mikati collaboration is one of my favourites they have ever done! 

Mulberry Antony bag pink yellow orange 2024

Mulberry x Mira Mikati Anthony bag 

My favourite Mulberry bags are the Alexa, Lily and Bayswater and I often dismiss the Antony bag for being practical, but dare I say it… a little dull!!!! Well Mira Mikati has proved me wrong with that one!!! This bag is ammmazing!!!!!! It’s one of my favourite things I have seen from Mulberry in a while and the colours are pure perfection! I adore the plaited strap and the colour blocking in vibrant pastels. It’s the perfect statement bag which will be amazing with every outfit this summer!!!! 

The larger of the two sizes is the one I am most tempted to buy, but the three minis are so cute I could literally eat them! Obsessed!!! 

there’s also some really cool card holders to choose from, as well as some amazing clothing. What do you think of the collection? 

Worth the splurge?! 

So! Is the Mulberry x Mira Mikati collection, wireless splurge? I think so! The designs are amazing and something we have never seen from Mulberry before and I think this collection could become quite collectible in the future!! The main advantage to the Antony bag is that it’s so practical, but a lot of people don’t love it because it’s a bit boring, so this is the perfect solution! It’s a great mum bag, plus it’s cool!!! 

As for the prices, a great designer bag under £1000 is getting harder to find and this is well worth the splurge! Plus because it’s mulberry, it’s amazing quality and will last decades! 

Thank you for reading my Mira Mikati x Mulberry blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! This post contains affiliate links. 

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