Incorporating Smart Home Technology in Architectural Designs

Incorporating Smart Home Technology in Architectural Designs

Hello friends! Today I want to share a post on Incorporating Smart Home Technology in Architectural Designs. We have fully renovated two houses now and we love incorporating smart technology into our home. It’s one of the biggest advantages of doing a full renovation and not only is it fun to have a smart home, but it’s a lot more convenient and efficient too! Let’s chat!

Why you need to put smart technology into your architectural designs?

We have worked with a professional architect for both of our renovations and I promise you the more you can incorporate into the planning stage, the better. Not only will an architect help you to pinpoint the smart technology which will make your life better and your home more efficient. But they will also incorporate the electrics and wires into the plans which will be needed to make it a reality. Retrospectively fitting security systems and heating systems is a lot more expensive and messy than it is when you are at the planning and renovation stage.


One of my favourite things about having a smart home, is the heating. It’s so much more convenient than traditional central heating and so much more efficient too. For instance, if we go on holiday, we can turn the heating on via our phones when we are on our way home; so it’s nice and warm when we get in! It’s a lot less wasteful than leaving it on a timer whilst we are away, and a lot easier than trying to change the timer for the short period of time that we are away.

We also have is separate thermostats for the upstairs and downstairs of our house. So instead of turning the heating on in the whole house, we can just heat the area where we are, making our bills a lot more affordable and it helps the planet too!
Your architect will also be able to help with eco-friendly and energy efficient options for your home to cut-costs and help the environment.


Next up! Let’s chat WiFi and internet! Since so many of us work from home, it’s super important to have a good internet connection. We have access points dotted around the house so the wifi is good everywhere, as well as Ethernet cable points where our offices are. This way we will always have a super fast connection whenever we need it. If your house is big or has thick walls, you will know how hard it can be to make the WiFi work in every room!

Speakers in the ceiling

This is something we did in our old house, but not our new house, as we felt like speakers in the ceiling would look a little too modern for our cottage. But I would really recommend considering it as it was really cool! Basically, we had speakers fitted into our ceilings and the music could be controlled centrally, so no matter where in the house you were, you could listen to your music as your roamed around doing chores! It was amazing!


Next up! Security! We had our CCTV system on our house at all times and it made me feel so much safer, especially when my partner was working away from home. It’s also really nice when you are on holiday and want to check in on your house!

If you are planning a renovation, or even a build or extension, I can’t recommend you consider which smart home options you are interested in before you start the works and make sure that it’s built into the plans. It’s a little more work, but it makes your house more efficient and your life more convenient. Thank you for reading my post on Incorporating Smart Home Technology in Architectural Designs. I hope it was of help and interest!