How to incorporate Regencycore into your home

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink

How to incorporate Regencycore into your home

Planning a house redesign can be difficult with so many different themes to consider. It’s estimated that houses should be redecorated every two to four years, so if you’ve reached this timeframe or you’re bored of your existing décor, we believe your next look should be Regencycore – especially if you’re a fan of the award-winning Netflix show, Bridgerton

But what is Regencycore, where does it come from and how can you incorporate it into your home design? All will be revealed in our guide below as we explore this beautiful style that’s fit for a king or queen. Continue reading below to discover more about this trend and the various ways you can include it in your home to renovate in style. 

What is Regencycore?

This style is inspired by the British Regency era of 1811-1820and focuses on extravagance and elegance. Interior experts at Hammonds had this to say about the style: “Regency era may have lasted less than a decade (1811 and 1820), but it made quite an impression! The Regencycore trend focuses on reimagining this era, bringing a time of regal beauty”

If you opt for this design in your home, expect lavish furnishings, beautiful colours and classic detailing to create a luxurious feel in every room in your home. 

What are the different elements of Regencycore?

As with many different home styles, you’ll need a range of elements to pull the look together. This includes:


Lighting sets the mood in every home and according to the experts at Hammonds, “no regal décor is complete without a chandelier. These will bring a sense of extravagance and glamour into any home and can be a great centrepiece within a room”. Dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms are naturally excellent places for your chandelier to go, so consider upgrading today.


“Cassic styles in pastel tones – painted wood is a good option. Cupboard and wardrobe handles should ideally be gold or brass too” according to the Hammond’s interior experts. If you need to refresh your larger pieces, a luxury fitted wardrobe could bring the look you want together whilst improving your storage space at the same time!


Your home’s colour palette is especially important to bring your Regencycore design together. Make sure you avoid bright and bold colours, and instead, opt for softer pastel tones that are far easier on the eye. Here’s what the design experts have to say about Regencycore colours:

“Soft hues such as blush, mint and powder blue are perfect when looking to recreate the colours of this time period. Citrus hues also fit into Regencycore perfectly and can be used to create exciting and colourful schemes for your rooms”.

If the luxurious Regencycore look sounds like the design for you, get started today to turn your house into one you never tire of coming home to.