How smartwatches can help you hit your fitness goals

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How smartwatches can help you hit your fitness goals

As the New Year begins, we see numerous people setting themselves lots of new health goals. If you’re among those looking to improve their fitness routine, you may be wondering how to go about it. 

While there are lots of methods available for monitoring your health, one of the most widely embraced over the last few years is the use of smartwatches. From counting your steps to monitoring your sleep, we take a look at how smartwatches can help you keep on track with your fitness goals.

Heart rate monitoring

Smartwatches are intended to be worn at all times. Why is this? Well, they can consistently and accurately monitor your heart rate. This is particularly beneficial during workouts to help you optimise your regime. For example, knowing when to take a rest and what exercises increase your heart rate the most.

Over time, you can compare your current heart rate to what it was before. That way, you gain insightful data into how your fitness is improving. Smartwatches can even identify certain heart conditions; however, it is always best to consult with a doctor in these instances.

Luxury watch brands have also entered the realm of smartwatches, with some offering their own services. As an example, TAG Heuer has released a new generation of its Connected watches that are able to efficiently track heart rate among other useful features. The brand also offers a Sports watch app and a Wellness app.

Various sport modes

A smartwatch worth your while should include different sports modes. The calories burned during a workout and your pace willvary between activities, such as swimming and running, and your watch should be able to track this accordingly.

Along with tracking performance, smartwatches can also provide real-time feedback about how to make changes to your training schedule and what areas you need to improve on. It’s great motivation for achieving your goals, especially if you aren’t sure how to do so yourself.

Analyse your sleep pattern

You may not realise it, but analysing your sleep patterns can help you to improve your overall sleep quality. Smartwatches are one of the best ways to do this yourself thanks to their ability to monitor movement, heart rate, and breathing patterns during sleep.

By comparing the types of data, you’re presented with a comprehensive analysis of your sleep. Some watches can go into further detail and describe how long you spent in each stage of sleep and what may have caused any interruptions to your sleep.

In addition to tracking your sleeping habits, smartwatches can aid with your bedtime routine, reminding you to wind down and avoid stimulation late at night like the use of electronic devices.